Lady Wisdom


Does not wisdom call out?  At the highest point along the way…she takes her stand…at the entrance, she cries aloud.

~Proverbs 8:1-3, NIV


“Many men know a great deal but are no wiser for it. To know how to use knowledge is to have wisdom.”

~Charles H. Spurgeon

Solomon personifies WISDOM as a woman. She is an ancient lady but not old. She is neither selfish nor conceited. She possesses a wealth of information–she is a fountain of facts and her information is always reliable. She can be depended upon to tell the truth and she is morally pure. Matter of fact, her character is unquestionable and her assistance is invaluable. She is a precious and dear lady. She has the utmost respect for God and she despises evil. She hates pride and perversion. She has no use for those who take the truth and twist it so as to deceive others. She is a noble lady who sits in the counsel of kings. She loves those who love her. She will bless those who seek her; she will shower them with gifts such as riches, honor, success, happiness, joy and delight. She is a lover of God; so much so that the two are inseparable. Where you find one, the other is always near for Wisdom is always at God’s side. The entire world would be blessed if only they would listen to what she has to say; if only they would seek her. Unfortunately, most never seek her and millions refuse her counsel. She takes her position at the highest point of the road, right there were the road splits, going in two directions. She urges people to take the high way, the path which leads to life but many turn a deaf ear and take the road to destruction.

I got in bed last night or Wednesday morning about 1:30 a.m. but could not go to sleep for an hour or so. I kept thinking about Larry and Gary. I have known them for years but didn’t get close until the last few. I feel robbed and cheated: I had big plans for both of them and then cancer snatched them away. Just when you are really getting to know someone and call them friend, cancer like a thief, takes them away leaving you behind with lots of regrets and grief. When I did get up at 7:30, I felt like a zombie but I dressed and went to see Jordan’s final game. I have enjoyed her career. She plays with heart. I sat down by Eddie at the game and he told me about Dr. Graham. What a day! Larry and Dr. Graham promoted on the same day. It has been a week and I felt a little numb all day yesterday. My world is certainly changing but that is a part of life, adjusting to the changes. I confess that in my earlier days, I was attracted by this world. I’ve never had much but it didn’t stop me from wanting more. God in His marvelous grace knows how to put a few thorns in our nest. He has done to me what He did to the Israelites and that is make me real unhappy with my surroundings. The Israelites would have never had a desire to leave Egypt {a type of the world} had not God allowed them to become slaves and suffer the horrors of bondage. I know for certain that this world is not my home. It is losing it’s attraction. I hate what sin has done to this world and I’m sick and tired of the world’s attitude toward Jesus. I’m not giving up but I am devoting the rest of my life to Jesus and others. I will live for Him, my wife, children and grandchildren, family and friends but I am not living for this world.

More on Dr. Graham

June and I were in DC when George W. Bush was inaugurated. They had a special service at the Washington Cathedral and June and I were outside. For some strange reason, we did not have an invitation to get inside. We were standing in a crowd at the side entrance. They would not allow us to get close until the presidential motorcade at departed with pomp and circumstance. Then they allowed us to move toward the Cathedral. We had gotten to the steps of the side entrance, where moments before, the president had exited the building. It is shoulder to shoulder as we are moving in and others are coming out. Suddenly, June screams, “It’s Billy Graham.” Quicker than a cat can wink, security has Dr. Graham in a limo. I don’t know if her scream scared them or what…all June could say when I got to her was, “I touched Billy Graham and he is tall.” Either Dr. Graham was tall or MLK was short.

I must confess that in the middle of Dr. Graham’s illustrious career, I was not an avid supporter. He stuck to evangelism and never spoke out on social evils like abortion and homosexuality. It was almost as if he was making an effort to be politically correct and then along came Franklin who is anything but politically correct. In the last years of Dr. Graham’s life, he did speak out and he was persecuted for it. I noticed in reading on his death last night that the homosexual crowd had some ugly hurtful things to say about Dr. Graham. I was wrong not to give him my full support. We need evangelist like Dr. Graham and then we need prophets like Franklin. William Franklin Graham {Billy} was considered by many to be America’s pastor and I concur. Franklin can never be what his dad was in evangelism but he certainly took the mantle when it comes to being our Pastor. Franklin Graham is the man, not Rick want to be Warren. Franklin is the real deal; Warren is a legend in his on mind. No politically correct compromiser will ever be my pastor. The GRAHAMS have my support, respect and admiration.




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