No Superannuates


When Joshua was an old man, the Lord said to him, “You are growing old, and much land remains to be conquered.” 

~Joshua 13:1, NLT


“It is not at the threshold {door} of life that God reveals its beauty, it is at the top of the stairs.”

~Lois Snelling

How many aging people have you heard make the remark, “I wish I had know when I was twenty what I know now.” I made a lot of mistakes which I could have avoided if I had been willing to take instruction or advice. Believe it or not, I either did not trust the person giving the advice or else I thought I knew better. Guess what, I was wrong. The greatest teacher for most of us is experience: a very small minority learns by instruction but the vast majority learn by trail and error. I know you have heard me share my learning curb: at 17 you know everything then you get married in your 20’s and your learning begins. Then you become a parent and you really start taking notes. Then you wake up one morning and there are teenagers in your house and you really began to appreciate your parents. Grand children are the reward parents get for not killing their kids when they were teenagers. Then at age 40 you begin to feel the weight of your ignorance. At age 50 you can’t learn enough: your appetite for learning is off the charts. At 60 that desire to learn is still growing but you can’t remember what you’ve just learned. At age 70 you are an avid student and note taker but you have trouble keeping up with your notes. That is as high as my experience goes.

Yes it is great to be able to run and jump and play basketball with your kids. I tried to play with my grand kids on TG day and almost killed myself. Ty is in the 6th grade and I can’t beat him one on one and if I can’t win, I don’t play. My dream may end tomorrow, but at age 70 I am having the time of my life. God is speaking to me, revealing Himself to me. My desire to pray, preach, study and help people is greater than it’s ever been. I’d rather preach than watch football. God never throws a man aside because he is old. Joshua and Caleb grew old but they remained vigorous in spirit. According to our years and strength, God will keep us busy. There is no discharge in the CHRISTIAN ARMY. Lettie Cowman said, “God will not cast us away nor will He pay us off: there are no superannuates in God’s ranks.” A superannuate is one who sits at home living on his pension. Lettie says, “God will give you divinely suitable work in your quietly closing years.” The greatest work in the Christian Army is prayer. You don’t have to be able to drive, see or even go: all you need is a passion. But don’t wait until you aren’t able to do anything else to develop that passion: it will not happen.

June and Sue Wood surgeries were successful and James Russel went home. He does his own rehab at home.

Drove by the Chick-Fil-A on Cox Creek Parkway yesterday around 1:15 and I was disappointed: there were long lines. The guru’s at Chick-Fil-A were counting on Christians being weak and they were right. I am boycotting McDonalds, Burger Queen and Chick-Fil-A for all going gay so I stopped at Popeye’s and got this new chicken sandwich that everyone has been talking about. You are going to think that I’m being dishonest when I say, it will put the chick-fil-a sandwich in the shade. You don’t believe me: try it. It is one third bigger and one third less expensive. TRY THE CHICKEN SANDWICH AT POPEYE’S, I dare you. It is huge! Its also the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever eaten.

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