Nuggets Of Gold


If you obey the Lord, you will be happy, but there is no future for the wicked.

~Proverbs 10:28, CEV


One of the great functions of the Cross of Christ is to open our eyes to the absolute horror of sin.

~William Barclay

Unfortunately Solomon did not practice what he preached but the book of Proverbs, by the providential grace of God, is filled with nuggets of truth, precious truth that should become principles that govern our lives. One of those enduring truths is found in chapter 10:28,If you obey the Lord, you will be happy, but there is no future for the wicked.”The wicked are those who live in rebellion against God’s authority over their lives. I told my children more than once, if you rebel against my authority, don’t expect my blessing or God’s. I don’t think they believed me but it is the absolute truth. I’m not the best father in the world but I’m the one God gave them. I never thought that I could make them love me but I was determined that they would respect me. I want what is best for them but sometimes, I think they have doubts. I’m much further up the road, I can see things they can’t see. My father tried to warn me about a lot of things but I was to pig headed to listen and I wondered how he knew so much since he quit school in the 9th grade. Wisdom and education are two different things. I am telling you for a fact, rebelling against God is not intelligent. It is paramount to signing your own death warrant. It is a form of suicide. Just four verses below, Solomon said, If you obey the Lord, you will always know the right thing to say. But no one will trust you if you tell lies.”

As you can see, the main principle of the text is to OBEY GOD. You have no future if you rebel against Him and the authority figures He places in your life. When we begin being dishonest with God, we become dishonest with each other. Integrity is the foundation of all enduring relationships. No one can trust a liar. When trust is destroyed the benefits of the relationship have to be denied. No one can help a liar. The first step toward repentance or recovery is: GET REAL! At some point, we have to tell the truth or there is no hope. We are all born with the propensity to lie. We simply have to acknowledge that the tendency is there and we need to turn from it. I think, and this is off the top of my head, we lie for three reasons: [1] Insecurity/fear {we think we are protecting ourselves} [2] To manipulate others [3] To get even with someone [slander or gossip].

Didn’t have time to proof it, do the best you can. On our way to Athens, not Greece, to teach the JBS on Revelation 1-3. Could use some prayer.

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