“Lord, show us the Father, and we will be satisfied.”

~John 14:8, NLT


We look for God to manifest Himself to His children: God only manifest Himself in His children.

~Oswald Chambers {My Utmost, April 21}

Is it possible that Philip’s question hurt Jesus? Was Jesus disappointed in Philip’s lack of observation? I don’t know. What I do know is that Philip was human and I can identify with him. I am pretty sure I have been guilty of asking the LORD stupid questions. Philip, like most of us, desired some mysterious revelation but not in the One to whom he was talking. Philip was standing before the Incarnation: God in flesh. This is the miracle that Isaiah predicted over 700 years before in the birth of our Savior. God would become flesh and live among us. The Messiah would be called Emmanuel, “God with us.” Isaiah prophecies intensified the excitement about a coming Messiah. Now we look back 2,000 years and we see clearly that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. We are wowed and awed by the incarnation as much, if not more than Isaiah. So it is not the before and after crowd that fails to see the glory of the incarnation; it was those who lived in its presence–namely the disciples.

I think it was just yesterday that I quoted Psalm 97, The heavens proclaim his righteousness, and all peoples see his glory. I confessed that I yearn to see His glory. It sounds rather spiritual but perhaps it is not as spiritual as it sounds. What if I am like Philip and His glory is before me and I have failed to see it? So as I wonder how Philip could fail to see the glory of the incarnation; he may be wondering why I am begging God to show me His glory when His glory is all around me. We see the mystery and glory of God in the past and future but our problem is in the present. We must realize that the LORD is here now and working in our midst. I like the song “Waymaker”… it says… “Even when I don’t see that He is working; even when I don’t feel Him working…He never stops, He never stops working.” Open our eyes LORD, enable us to see the glory.


Today is one of those days I have more to do than I can possibly do, and I am not doing anything I want to do. May the LORD’s will be done. I got the new IMPRIMIS in and the article this month is about Thomas Sowell the black economist. He is a brilliant man. I have not read it all but I will give you one exert…

Schools exist for the education of children, not to provide iron clad jobs for adults or billions of dollars in union dues or to create giant bureaucracies and they are not to be a captive audience for ideological indoctrination.

There is a lot in the article about the police and how they are really viewed in the black community.  According to Jason Riley, 81% of blacks support the police department and want more policing not less. This is not what you hear on the nightly news, is it?

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading the blog.


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