Only God Is Great


But may all who search for you be filled with joy and gladness in you. May those who love your salvation repeatedly shout, “God is great!”

~Psalm 70:4, NLT


God’s glory cannot be contained by creation because God the infinite Creator remains far greater than what He created.

~Steven J. Lawson

I attended David Burcham’s COLS yesterday and it was a moving service. David is Roger’s younger brother. They sang three of David’s favorite hymns, the last being HOW GREAT THOU ART. We were in the First Methodist Church of Tuscumbia and the atmosphere was a little different from that of a Baptist church: in front of the pulpit was two burning candles. Those burning candles and the song reminded me of a story that I don’t remember sharing with our readers. If I have, I apologize for repeating myself.

Louis XIV ascended to the throne of France at the age of four and would rule for the next seventy-two years; the longest reign in modern European history. Louis was intoxicated with his own power and became totally consumed by his own self-importance. I don’t suppose he was the first narcissist but he would probably rank close to the top. Louis declared himself as the “Great Monarch.” He even said, “I am the State!” As mother use to say, “It is a poor dog that cannot wag it’s own tail.” But in 1715, King Louis XIV abdicated his throne to death as do all earthly rulers. As you would expect, he had planned his own funeral and it was to be a spectacular tribute to himself. He was buried in a solid gold casket that was studded with jewels. As a tribute to his majesty’s greatness, a single candle burned just above the coffin. Ironically, Bishop Massillon didn’t get the kings memo, when it came time for the Bishop to speak. He walked down to the casket and blew out the candle. The massive crowd was in shock: you could have heard a pin drop. Then he walked to the pulpit and said, “ONLY GOD IS GREAT.” Three cheers for the Bishop.

I have been reminded, and several times this pass year, that we never know what a day will produce. Ironically I prayed yesterday morning for God to guide my steps and He did and I am thankful. I got a phone call about 10:30 or so that Jimmy Lennox was being transported to CRMC ER with possible heart attack. Jimmy had the attack after doing just a little work in his garden, he was pronounced DOA. The doctor was real nice to Jo Ann: he told her that Jimmy didn’t suffer, just went to sleep. Jimmy was a good man. If you looked up Church Trustee in the dictionary, Jimmy’s picture should be there. Jimmy was loved by all and will be greatly missed at Grace Point.

My plans were to attend Roger’s brother’s COLS and I was able to make it: got there 10 minutes before the service started. The pastor, an older man, did a good job. He was long winded and Roger got tired but we made it. If I counted correctly: the two Burcham brother produced six third generation Burchams. You can’t say that about Baileys: instead of multiplying, we have shrunk from four to one.

LORD willing, I will be going to Snead today for Brian Vaughn’s mother COLS. If the rain holds off, I plan to plant a little corn.

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