Out Of The Ashes


I have sworn an oath to David, and in my holiness I cannot lie.

~Psalm 89:35


How blessed to lift our eyes above the ashes of ruin and behold the One who is faithful in all things.

~Arthur Pink

Kaley &  Dad Paul Greer

Psalm 89 is another Royal Psalm where the Psalmist laments the broken covenant with David. The word forever is found eight times in this Psalm and God’s promise to David was that he would have an everlasting kingdom and always have a descendant on the throne. Wiersbe believes the Psalm was written at the end of the dynasty, when a young Johoiachin was taken prisoner by the Babylonians. He was 18 years old and had reigned only three months and ten day. He was taken to Babylon where I am sure he put of parade as the Babylonians mocked the Jews and their king. We know that God shows Himself forever faithful; we see that in the sunrise each day. God keeps His word and he fulfills all His promises. God always stand committed to do what He says He will do. The Jews worshiped the memory of David who was their best king and they were convinced that God had broken his promise when the dynasty of David bit the dust.

Christians have a different perspective: We don’t worship David or his memory. We see above the ashes, we see the real KING, the King of kings. Jesus is the fulfillment to the promise. He was a descendant of David and His kingdom is eternal. God kept His covenant promise. The unfortunate thing is that the Jews, by and large, rejected Jesus as their Messiah and King. As I mediated upon the Psalm, I was reminded that Israel also rejected David. Absalom’s coup d’état had the backing of the people. All of the elders supported Absalom. Absalom’s reign was short lived and David was restored. I think the same thing will happen again: I believe the Jews are going to one day recognize Jesus as their rightful King. I will not be shocked if I live to see the day that thousands of Jews are turning to Jesus. I do not believe the Caiaphas type will be included. We are talking about this minority of elite Jews who have set up a kingdom on this earth. I don’t think they will ever repent because GOLD is their god, always has been.

Anyway, Psalm 89 is about the king, the KING of kings.

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  • The August blogs are in memory of Kaley Greer, our great niece. She would have been a senior at Ardmore this year. She played both Volleyball and basketball but her love was for children. She was an awesome baby sitter.
  • This will be our last BLOG until September 4. Since retiring, I have all morning to study and do the blog. I fine tune it at night. We have a lot of things we want to see and do on our trip so I am going to take a few days off. Don’t forget to check for the blog on September 4.
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