In the same way, even though God has the right to show his anger and his power, He is very patient with those on whom his anger falls, who are destined for destruction.

~Romans 9:22, NLT


Do not be in a greater hurry than the Most High Himself.

~Uriel {Angel sent to Ezra}

Picture this world as a pregnant woman, a world filled with sin on the inside. Just as a pregnant woman comes to the time of birth, so this world pregnant with sin will come to a time judgment. Ezra the Scribe wanted to know when God was going to judge the world for sin. The angel told him, “A man corrupted by this corrupt world can never know the way of the Incorruptible.” Then Ezra fell prostrate and exclaimed: “Better never to have come into existence than to be born in a world of evil and suffering we cannot explain.” Basically, what the angel tells Ezra is that in the end God’s grace will be greater than sin, His blessing will be far greater than the curse. As Paul said in Romans 8, For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Note Paul said “in us” not to us.

I’ve been reading the Apocrypha and today’s thoughts comes from 2 Esdras 4. It was fascinating to read. Ezra certainly speaks for me: I am oppressed by the evil in this world. The violence and murder perpetuated by BLM with the consent of the Professional sports world and many others is appalling. Then on top of the violent shooting of the two deputies and BLM blocking the entrance of the ER, we have Netflix airing kiddie porn. It is unbelievable and the thought that both Soros {BLM} and Netflix might get away with this and continue to profit over the misfortune of others makes me angry.

Like Ezra, we can see our sin and the world’s evil. Ezra said, “We are all sinners through and through”, and the further along we get in sanctification the more we see our sin and corruption. What we don’t see is what Paul mentions in Romans 8:18, we don’t see the glory within. If you are born again, you have been impregnated by the precious and perfect seed of God; you are destined to glory. There is glory in you that you do not see. I saw a pregnant mother at Landon’s game Friday night, but I did not see the little boy she was carrying. I can see she is pregnant but I do not see the baby. Eventually, the baby will come out and I will see his glory. Christ in me, that is my hope of glory.

It is the LORD’s day and I will not desecrate it with political and sports oration. What we need most is Jesus and Revival. Actually Revival is simply more Jesus. If you go to the POINT, I hope to see you at 8:30. If you attend DBC, be sure to be there at 10:15 to hear Scott Dawson. Have a great day.

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