Profitable Reading


All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable.

~2 Timothy 3:16, CSB


One of the most important things that God teaches us from His word is how to live and the Old Testament is full of examples; both good and bad.

~Billy Graham {Wisdom For Each Day, p.288}

I enjoy reading Billy Grahams devotional, WISDOM FOR EACH DAY, and he has shared many helpful insights. He shares thoughts that have never crossed my mind and today’s blog is a good example. Some think and teach that the Old Testament is irrelevant; after all did not Jesus fulfill the old covenant and all its demands. The Old Testament is about Jesus and yes He did fulfill all its demands but there is great profit in studying the Old Testament. First of all, it was inspired by God just like the New and secondly, it contains stories that teach us how and how not to live. Let me give you one good example: David’s life is fully chronicled in the Old Testament. Unfortunately for David, his despicable sins are written down for the world to see. How would you like for God to use your life as an example? By the grace of God, I have been in church my entire life and I started learning about David as a small child. My Sunday school teachers began with the story of David and Goliath, but long before I became an adult, I read and heard the other stories, especially the one where he takes another man’s wife and then tries to cover his tracks by having her husband killed.

God, in His marvelous grace, forgave David but He did not spare him from the consequences. The next time you read through the OT, note the change is David’s life after his illicit affair with Bathsheba. His sin brought the sword into his own house and he would spend the rest of his life attending the COLS of his own children and grieving their loss. Is this what you want? Is this the kind of life you want to live? If you answer is no, then do not follow David’s example. Let me also warn you: don’t let the devil convince you that you are an exception, there are no exceptions.

What do old folks need? Do they need millions in an IRA? Do they need a house on Smith lake? Do they need mirrors on the ceiling? ┬áDo they need every toy imaginable like a 4-wheel drive truck with camper, boat, UTV, etc. Believe it or not, old folks don’t really need that much. They don’t have the energy to keep up two places. They don’t feel like hooking up the camper or the boat. They usually have the money to go places but just don’t feel like going. Let me tell you what they do need: [1] they need the love and respect of their children, [2] they need to see their grand children AMAP but in short increments, [3] they need their children, grands and greats together with them on special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you and your latest fling are in the islands on Christmas spending the fortune you have amassed while your children are somewhere else because you no longer have a relationship with them…guess what…you are a dismal failure. You have to decide what you want when you are young. If you abandon your family for the sake of your own ego; you can’t decide twenty years later to make up for it. You can buy them cars or expensive gifts but it will not matter; you will never have enough to purchase their respect. How do we know these things? Just study the life of David. If you are a young or middle adult, it will be profitable. If you do what he did, you will suffer the same consequences. This should sober anyone up who is thinking of jumping the nest. David’s fling didn’t last long but the consequences stayed with him for a life time.


I wish I had you another funny video but I don’t and don’t have time to look for one. Busy schedule today LORD willing. Josie is in county tournament {JV Volleyball}. Ryder, or Trucker as Mother called him, is playing football tonight at Asbury {not Kentucky}. Plus I have two COLS to attend. One of them is a pastor brother, Anthony Patterson. Anthony was born and raise in Hartselle. Grew up in Bethel Baptist Church {when it was Southern Baptist}. Anthony was a senior in seminary when I came in as a freshman. He was the campus cop. Anthony was a kind and gentle man; nothing like Jack Bailey and I am sure he was thankful.

Gregg is still not eating. Traci carried him for fluids Tuesday and he may have to have more before weeks end. She says it is a slow process. Please pray for Gregg and Traci. They are a match made in heaven. Everybody loves Gregg and Traci. Pray also for my sister Holly and Beth. Not my biological sister Beth, but my spiritual sister Beth Jones.

I decided last Saturday morning during my QT not to watch any college football but to devote my time to visiting and meditating on the REVIVAL SERVICE. I finished my visiting around 6:00 and I was sure that Alabama was finished. I turned on the radio on the way home from Athens just to get the score. The thing lacked an entire quarter. I thought the hogs were going to beat us. We could not get any first downs, couldn’t run any clock but we were scoring on those long runs. I like routs. I like 55-0. This means I will not be watching anymore: every game on the calendar is against a good team. I’ll be glad when God crushes this idol in the dust. No matter how hard I try to focus on something else, it keeps popping up in my mind. It is a horrible sin to confess.

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