Septal Defects


Long ago the LORD said to Israel: “I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.”

~Jeremiah 31:3, NLT


“From start to finish, the bible is one incredible love story.”

~Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Everyone loves a good love story. I am an incurable romantic myself. What made the Hallmark Christmas movies popular was the romances. They all had basically the same plot–young man meets young woman and they fall madly in love. My two favorites were THE CHRISTMAS CARD and ONE STARRY CHRISTMAS. Why are we humans so fascinated with love stories? It is because we were made to give and receive love. We all have a deep need to love and be loved. Nancy Leigh DeMoss says, “Most of us know more about the absence of intimacy than the reality. This sense of aloneness and isolation we feel in the core of our being is a God created hole {septal defect} that longs to be filled.” We all have a deep longing for intimacy. We have a need for someone to love us unconditionally and someone we can trust with our deepest secrets. From our childhood we have sought this closeness, warmth, affection and security that comes with unconditional love. But there is a problem!

We need to be loved perfectly and no human has that capacity. Even in the best of families and the best of relationships, the longing for perfect love is not satisfied and the hole {septal defect} remains unfilled. This is because God created the hole and it can only be filled by Jesus. I bought a new nail gun last year at LOWES of all places. When I went to buy nails for the gun, they told me they didn’t stock them. I tried other brands of nails but the gun is designed to shoot only one brand. This is because the manufacture doesn’t want you going to someone else for nails: they designed the gun so that you would have to come back to them. This is what our all wise Creator did: He designs us with a need that could only be filled by Himself.

There is probably no one under age 40 that reads the blog other than Holly but I have serious doubts as to whether or not a young person could grasp the truth of this blog. I know young people with broken hearts because their love affair didn’t turn out the way they had dreamed it would. The key is to understand the imperfections of man. There are somethings that only Christ can give you and one of them is perfect love. I could expect my children to give me a million dollars for Christmas but I would get disappointed because they don’t have the ability to do such a thing. I would be the fool for expecting such a gift. My disappointment would be on me, not them. Bottom line: we all need Jesus and there is room in the His love story for you.

Tracey B got good news!! Thanks for the prayers and keep praying!

More Negative Press For SBC

I got a phone call last night. One of our GP members asks me what was going on with the SBC Pastor’s Conference new president David Uth, Pastor of first Baptist Orlando. To be honest with you, I can understand all that he says but here is the video…critics are saying he is affirming homosexuality, others think he is trying to get the church to reach out to the gay community with love. I don’t know what he doing…you be the judge.

Prayer For The President

Based on Psalm 140

Father, save our President from the forces of evil; keep him safe from those who would do him harm. His enemies are plotting evil against him, they are constantly stirring unrest and casting aspersions on his person. Their tongues are like deadly poison. Protect President Trump from the power of the wicked; keep him safe from those who plot his downfall. These proud and arrogant Christ haters have set a trap, laid a snare in hopes of destroying our leader. Please don’t allow them to succeed. LORD, “You are our God, our Sovereign LORD,” hear our cry for help! You are our defender and high protector. Lord, don’t give the wicked what they want; don’t let their plots succeed. Don’t let our enemies be victorious; make their threats against the president fall back on them. May they be humiliated and brought low; May those who accuse our president falsely not succeed; may they fall into the very trap they have set for the president.

Good News That Brings Joy

Teen with Autism Speaks for the First Time Ever After Seeing Neighbor’s Christmas Light Display

By Joelle Goldstein

A Florida mother who took her 13-year-old daughter to see their neighbor’s Christmas lights had no idea that the festive display would have such a large impact on the teenager, who has autism. Since Kaitlyn De Jesus was diagnosed with autism at 3 years old, she hasn’t spoken more than two words, her mother Marisabel Figueroa told Today.

That all changed on Saturday when Figueroa took her daughter to their neighbor Don Weaver’s driveway — a visit they’ve made daily — to see the elaborate Christmas light display he has set up on his front lawn since 2007.

“She got up from the chair and started singing,” Figueroa recalled to the outlet. “She said, ‘Mom! Look at the blue lights. Look at the snowmen. Santa’s coming!’ I started crying. I couldn’t believe it.”

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