Shebna The Scribe



Watch out, you mighty man! The LORD is about to grab hold of you. He is about to throw you away. He will roll you up tightly like a ball. He will throw you into a very large country. There you will die. 
~Isaiah 22:17-18, NIrV


Pride preceeds a fall.
God’s word is so fresh and deep that I am continually impressed. I am reading the prophet Isaiah in my morning devotions and today I was reading chapter 22. I do not remember this man Shebna and I have preached through the entire bible. Today, when I reread the story, it’s like I had never seen it before. I guess this is part of being 67 years old; I wake up in a new world everyday. If you are a history buff like myself, you may find this story interesting.
A Jack 4Shebna, which means strength or vigor, was the highest ranking palace official in king Hezekiah’s court. He was hired by Ahaz, Hezekiah’s father. He was not a member of the royal family but he did ascend from the lowly rank of a scribe or secretary to the highest ranking officer in the king’s palace. The problem was, Shebna abused his office and let his lust for power get the best of him. He forgot that he was a servant and that Hezekiah was his master. According to Jewish historians, Shebna was a wicked, deceitful, and proud man who betrayed his own country by conspiring with Assyria. It is not clear whether or not Hezekiah was aware of his treachery and deciet but Isaiah was fully informed and issued this rare personal prophecy. Most of Isaiah’s prophecy’s are about the nation but this one is personal. Shebna had a special tomb prepared in the royal cemetery but Isaiah told him he wouldn’t need it, he said,“The LORD will remove you from your job. You will be brought down from your high position. He will give your job to another and then roll you up like a ball and cast you into a foreign land where you will die.” Isaiah’s propchecy came true; Shebna was disgraced.
What lessons do we learn from this story?
  1. Pride preceeds a fall–this spiritual law is as accurate as the law of gravity; pride is sure to bring us low.
  2. We must not forget who we are: we are servants not masters. Stewards have freedoms, responsibilities and priviledges but we are still servants and we have a master.
  3. We can decieve people, perhaps even kings like Hezekiah [a good king] but we can’t decieve God and it is He, not we, who will have the final say about our future.


  • What can we say other than PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSING FLOW. The LORD continues to move and bless. We had two more professions of faith yesterday {Preston Shelton and Cody Cribbs} and one transfer of letter {Eva Marino}. The church also called Joe David to be their new pastor effective January 1, 2017. Our mission offering was slightly better and so was our budget offering.
  • TRUNK-A-TREAT: we had three more sign up for Trunk-A-Treat, this gives us 29. Remember, you will get help on the candy. Two prizes: Best trunk and best costume.
  • God’s word is convicting. It amazes me how God convicts me by the sermons I preach. Last night, after the service, He convicted me of doing the very thing I denied doing in the sermon, “trying to straighten folks out.” Once again, God convicted me of my pride and my lack of faith in HIM. I have repented and turned from this sin. By the grace of God, I will do better.
  • I have a lot to be thankful for and I need to give God credit for doing things that I could never do. I do praise HIM for HIS infinite goodness. I do thank him for my family, friends and staff. DBC is bless with good leaders and I feel very good about my retirement. I think it is time and I believe the church will do better than ever. I do have great help: speaking of which, Mandy is having a hard day. Winston is in critical condition. Those of you who know the situation understand why she loves this dog so much and it is not because she is married to Jason. I don’t mind asking you to pray for Mandy.
  • It’s warm this morning but things are supposed to change today. We may get some rain tonight but one way or the other, a cool front is on the way or so they say. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see the hot weather go. Hot dry weather depresses me and I can’t do anything about it.


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