Sin Is Stupid: Part Two


In the camp they were envious of Moses, and of Aaron, who was consecrated to the LORD.

~Psalm 106:16, REB


Sin is utterly ridiculous and amazingly stupid.


Not all rebellion is sin but all sin is rebellion. Martin Luther would not agree with that statement but he was not right about everything: the reformation was needed and it changed the world for the better. Devout Catholics in private, do not refer to us as protestants but as rebels. With that I rest my case. But when it comes to God, I am in agreement with Luther, it is utterly foolish to rebel against God or His anointed servants. Among the Israelites were some foolish people. They were descendants of Reuben and they were envious of Moses and Aaron. To be a priest, you had to be a Levite and they were not Levites, they were Reubenites. Their envy made them unhappy and they started a whispering campaign: they murmured against Moses and Aaron. These two Yahoos {Dathan and Abiram} stirred up 250 Israelite leaders and staged a public protest…“Why do you call yourselves holy?” They asks Moses. “Why have you set yourself above the assembly?” In other words, “Who put you in charge and gave you the right to tell us what to do?” When Moses heard their protest, he fell on his face, he was heart broken.

Think about it for minute: Moses spent his first 40 years living it up in Egypt. He knew the taste of success and opulence but he also experienced failure. When he identified with his Hebrew brothers and tried to help them, they rejected his help. So he put Egypt in the rear view and made himself a life in a new country where there were no hard headed, presumptuous, rebellious Israelites to give him a hard time. He was married, had a job, had freedom to come and go and no one to please except his wife. Then the LORD comes calling…“Moses, I AM sending you back to Egypt!” Moses shouted for joy–“Hallelujah, just what I dreamed of, going back and leading the factious and obstinate Israelites.” No, that is not what happened…Moses said, “No, I am not going, You get someone else. I don’t want to go and I am not the right fit, You leave me right here and You get someone else.”

If someone came up to me and said, “I have always wanted to pastor a Baptist Church,” I would get him an appointment with Dr. Little ASAP. Dathan and Abiram were fools for envying Moses. Who in their right mind wants that kind of responsibility? I might have taken Joshua’s job, Hur’s and perhaps even Caleb’s but there is no way I want to swap places with Moses. What were these moron thinking? They were not thinking and earth and fire swallowed them up. Never envy God’s servants: it is unintelligent to say the least.

I don’t watch very much sports that I enjoy but I loved he NATS come from behind victory last night. I did feel for the Brewers, that is a tough way to lose. We had a good turn out at our first Cottage Prayer Meeting and 100% participation. They change the weather forecast every day but now they are saying one more, possibly two extremely hot days and then cooler weather. Maybe some 70 degree weather in the next ten days. It is extremely dry at 1120 Iron Man.

Continue to pray for Lilly G and Tracey B. Also Mrs. Jewel Roberts is not doing well: she has been at Sheila’s for a week or so. Lou Hayes is better after the virus has hit most of the Nursing Home. Most of the Seniors I visited are not getting out in the heat which is very wise.

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