Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything you do. Try to please them all the time, not just when they are watching you. Serve them sincerely because of your reverent fear of the Lord.

~Colossian 3:22, NLT


Slavery, like AIDS, has not been abolished. Like a deadly virus it mutates, taking on new forms and adapting to the environment.


Joseph and Daniel have something in common: they were both slaves. Joseph lost his family and freedom in one day due to his brothers betrayal. Daniel was taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar and most likely castrated before being placed in the king’s court. Both excelled in spite of their misfortune. What does Abraham and George Washington have in common: both owed slaves. The progressives are not telling us that George Washington should be erased from American history because he owned slaves. Bologna, pure hogwash. When will these ignorant people realize that slavery is a part of human history and it has no racial overtones. Joseph was not black, neither was Daniel. Slavery is not a black/white issue, it is an institutional evil. What slave traders did was inhumane but no more inhumane than the African’s chiefs who captured slaves and sold them to the traders. Slavery has not been eradicated anymore than prostitution has. There are slave markets in the Sudan today. Human trafficing is big business globally. It is a hidious and horrible reality and denying it does not help.

In America, slavery has taken on a new form or appearance. The demoncrats have created a whole new segment of society, the economic slave–people who are absolutely dependent on government. It is a vicious cycle: these slaves block vote for demos because they fear being cut off from the assistance they get from the government. The government doesn’t give me any assistance. They have taxed my pension plan twice. I am 67 years old and paying taxes out the gazoo. It would not be difficult to retire in America if they would simple stop taxing us to death.¬†

Another thing that galls me about the slave issue is the bitterness and bad blood. I don’t know a single black person who was a slave but I know some who are bitter about the issue of slavery. The entire Jewish nation were slaves for 400 years in Egypt but I have never heard a Jew use that as an excuse to live irresponsibly, to loot, steal and riot. Look what Joseph and Daniel did with their lives and they died slaves, they never experienced freedom. We can’t lump all black’s together because some are patriotic, hard-working Americans and appreciative of our history and heritage. But for the malcontents, the trouble makers, the BLM bunch: they need to visit Africa. I am reading Nik Ripkin’s book THE¬†INSANITY OF GOD, and it simply reminds me of what I saw first hand in 1986 when I was in Nigeria. Africa is a chaotic nightmare and the Muslims have only made it worse. There have always been warring tribes in Africa but the insurgence of Islam has intensified the hate and violence. When I preached there in 1986, the Muslims protested by throwing rocks. They don’t use rocks anymore, now they have AK-47’s. Africa which is full of resources and natural beauty is neither sane nor safe. I don’t think Labron wants to move to Africa but that’s exactly where he would be if it had not been for slavery. You would think that African Americans would be thankful. Yes their forefathers suffering gross injustice but they are the recipients of gross freedom and opportunity. Their debt is not to me or to white people; their debt is to God. They have been blessed to be born in America just like me.

I went to Decatur first thing this morning and I had to use my wipers a couple of times. The road was wet when I came back on Old Moulton road and it was cloudly here but no rain. I know you think I have rain on the brain. I will try not to mention it daily.

I listened to a little bit of Patriot radio on my way home from Hembree’s Machine shop. Trump has riled the Washington establishment. His very presence there is a threat to the bureaucrates and Washington insiders. Their mentality is that Washington belongs to them. They think like some Baptist, “I was here when you got here and I will be here when you leave, this is my church.” They are angry with the firing of James Comey, the FBI director. This sent shock waves of fear through the Insider Community. Experts say that Comey’s disclouser of the memo was not thought throw. If Comey new of a crime and did not report it promptly, he is guilty of obstruction of justice himself. PLUS Sessions and the Attorney Generals office can now go after Hillary with the very investigation that demoncrats demaded for Trump. This can back fire on the liberals. So don’t panic, just pray for our president. I have not talked with one small businessman yet that is not thrilled with Trump’s leadership. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE NEWS. Talk radio is the best source of good information. The Lame Stream Media is propaganda. They want you to panic. Stand firm, pray for the president. Say a prayer for him right now.

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