Spend Time Thinking


Lord, I will remember what you did. Yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. I will spend time thinking about everything you have done. I will consider all of your mighty acts.
~Psalm 77:11-12, NIrV


My memory is all fouled up: I forget the things worth remembering and remember the things worth forgetting.


One of the members of our men’s LCBS class said a couple of weeks ago, “I have problems like everyone else but the other day during my prayer time,  I decided not ask the LORD for a thing but simply thank Him for what He has already done for me. I started making a list and I was amazed.” I think this would be true of most of us. It was certainly true of Israel. The Israelites had a three-day faith. God did an unbelievable miracle at the Red Sea which they witnessed with their own eyes and three days later they are bitterly complaining about having no water. The Israelites were immature, they had a “What have you done for me lately,” attitude.

I think David had a very good idea when he said, I will spend time thinking about everything you have done.” The Israelites could always look back and take comfort in their deliverance from Egypt and their baptism at the Red Sea. No other nation is the world had a testimony like Israel. In our case, we can always look back to the cross. It is an undeniable fact that Jesus died for us and in so doing, see us free from the bondage of sin. Our sins have been forgiven; we have peace with God because of the blood of Christ. We have a Savior, a Shepherd and a Shelter. We have a bright future in the beloved. If you will sit down and think about it: God has done a lot for you. Instead of always asking for more like a spoiled child, why not thank Him for what He has already done.


My brother-in-law departed this world from UAB Medical Center after a long battle with an infection that I don’t think they ever identified. In went into HH on the last of October for a knee replacement and never came home. He was transferred from HH to UAB before Christmas because I spent Christmas Day with my Sister and her children at UAB. It was also Mother’s last Christmas.

The liberals are still at it. What a bunch of clowns. Nazi Pelozi is referring to Trump as Bush. I wonder if the poor idiot knows what year it is. An ad popped up on my phone yesterday entitled the TOP TEN SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS. I was curious to see if Melissa saving the whales was on the list–it wasn’t. There was not one funny commercial in their list. The Kia commercial that makes fun of liberals has already gotten 18 million hits in less than a week. I checked out one the commercials on their list and it had only 500,000 hits. They cannot admit that the great majority of Americans are making fun of them. Got internet in my man-cave: thank you Frankie.

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