Spiritual Warfare


For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

~Ephesians 6:12, NLT


Storms are caused by a conflict in the elements and the storms in the spiritual world are caused by conflicts with hostile elements.

~E. A. Kilbourne

I’m by spiritual warfare in the heavenly places the way I am about prophecy: I know very little but have tons of wonder. I do know for a fact that America is in a war and it is not one being fought with guns or bullets, not yet. It may come to open combat but I certainly hope not. We are in a war and the enemy is finally in the open. These devils have been in the background scheming for years. The Jewish God hating marxist who got together to lick their wounds after communism was failing in Russia; decided to make a change in the three pillars that hold marxism up: they changed positivism {science reveals truth} to relativism {no absolute truth} but it is still marxism and it is still lethal. The death toll from Marxism in over 100,000,000 and rising. It is killing people in China and North Korea as we speak. Hitler’s death toll is a drop in the bucket compared to what the communist have done. Of course, you will not hear anything about this on the nightly news because they control the news. But the cat is out of the hat and people all over the country are identifying CRT with marxism and they don’t like it. BLM is another marxist movement. To this point, our enemy has hit us with lies rather than bombs or bullets but don’t kid yourself: they will use live ammo when the time comes.

I find several things shocking about this demonic movement. Marxism demands a committee, a small group of power brokers at the top, to implement communism. This is where the elites come in and what is shocking is that they are predominately Jews. Atheistic Jews who hate God with a passion. Isn’t that strange: they hate someone they don’t believe in. Don’t misunderstand, this is a very small percentage of Jewish people. I call them Sadducees because their gods are money and power and they all hate Jesus. These filthy rich God hating Jews don’t use their wealth to help others; they don’t even help fellow Jews. They don’t even support the State of Israel which I myself support. I am all for the common Jew but I loathe these Sadducees. I am also shocked by the number of dupes. Every evil movement has to have dupes. These are the poor saps who have been deceived. I call them the cool-aid drinkers. They are mindless minions who march to the beat of the marxism drum. These idiots really believe that marxism is the answer; that we can create a world of peace, security, equality and prosperity for all without the help of Jesus or the Father. Ain’t going to happen, not is a million years. Some of these morons have Phd’s and are teaching in our colleges and seminaries, SBC seminaries. Some of these dupes even pretend to be preachers of the gospel and lovers of Jesus. Folks, you can’t love Jesus and marxism; just as you can’t love both good and evil.

I hate politics and have very little use for politicians so if you think I’m praising the Republicans, you are wrong. They are not what they pretend to be. What is happening today is due to their weakness and their betrayal of Trump. But the truth is; the democrats are controlled by marxist and all are socialist. There is not one single democrat who believes in the free market, not one. Just think of the millions of dupes who keep slugging down the demo cool-air and proclaiming them the party of the working people. What a joke? Is Nancy Pelosi a working person? Is she for the working person? No, she is a tax and spend democrat who tries to buy votes with tax payers money. She doesn’t represent working people: she sending money in the mail to those who refuse to work so they will vote for her at election time.

Intelligent people know that nothing is free other than salvation in Christ–we cannot pay for that! Other than that, nothing is free. When they send funny money in the mail, it devalues everything you have and everything you have worked for plus it creates a debt that someone will have to pay, sooner or later. Democrats are such hypocrites: they pretend to be worried about the ozone layer one hundred years from now but they are not worried about the national debt one decade from now. Carbon emissions are not the problem; a growing debt and China owning us in the problem.

We do need to be “woke:” we need to wake up to what is actually going on and call cultural marxism out. The dems who are not committed marxist are dupes being used by the marxist. To deny this is to deny reality and that would make you insane. I do hope you are not insane.


Mrs. Edith Bennich is having the heart procedure this morning: say a prayer for Edith. We had 30 children in VBS last night and almost 30 youth hanging out at VBS. I bet if we counted everyone; there would be 75-80. My van was packed and they were R-O-W-D-Y. I might carry my ear bobs tonight. You should hear them sing “That Girl is on fire.” I hope that is appropriate, the only words I could make out was… “that girl is on fire, she is burning it down. Her head is in the clouds and she not looking down.” They also sang Cotton Eyed Joe.

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