Straight Talk About Sin


How blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered! How blessed is the man to whom the LORD does not impute iniquity, And in whose spirit there is no deceit!
~Psalm 32:1-2, NASB


You have not got to the bottom of the blackness of sin until you confess that it is rebellion against God Himself.
~Alexander MacLaren
Psalm 32 is a classic. All the Psalms are good but some stand out. Psalm 32 is a lot like 51, both give some detail of David’s confession concerning the illicit affair with Bathsheba. In Psalm 51 we see three words for sin but her in Psalm 32, we see four: Transgression, sin, iniquity and deceit [Guile]. J. Wilbur Chapman tells the story of an Australian pastor who preached regularly on the subject of sin. A group of concerns members called a meeting with the pastor and voiced their complaint: “You speak to often and to plainly about sin. If our boys and girls hear you talking so much about sin, they will more easily become sinners. Call it whatever you will but don’t speak so plainly about sin.” The old preacher got up and went to his closet where he retrieved a bottle of strychnine which was labels ‘Poison.’ He said, “I see what you want me to do, you want me to change the label.” Not a single one of us fully understands the danger or blackness of sin. For over a year, David slept with a snake. I’m sure you’re thinking, no one in there right mind would cover a snake in their bed but that is exactly what we do when we coddle sin. We got it honest; our first parents did the same thing. When they sinned in the garden they tried to hid it, cover it, excuse [rationalize] it, and then blame it on someone else. None of these human ways of dealing with sin works. There is only one way to deal with sin–call it what it is and give it to the executioner. The four words David used for sin here in Psalm 32 are:
  1. TRANSGRESSION [Heb. Pashah]–A transgression is a violation of the law. It is stepping across the line. When you see a sign that reads, “Don’t walk on the grass,” and you go ahead and walk on the grass, that is transgression. It is an act of rebellion. I firmly believe that both David and Bathsheba were transgressors. She knew the kings habits and she knew he could see her from his roof top patio. She did not have to bath in the open. She intended to be seen. Women are always ahead of men, always. The average man will not make any advance on a female unless he get vibes. I’m not talking about a rapist which David was not: I am talking about the average man. Most women are not going to confess this openly because they think they have their husband duped and in most cases they do. I believe Bathsheba knew exactly what she was doing. There is no doubt that David knew that he was doing wrong but like a wild animal, he acted on instinct instead of conviction. He knew all along that he was sinning against God.
  2. INIQUITY [Heb. awon]–Iniquity is an I word for sin; it means to pervert or twisted. In the beginning, all things were good: art, music, sex, etc. but the devil along with our help has twisted and perverted these things that were intended for good. Pornography is not art but if you visit the National Endowment of Arts, you will see more porn than art.
  3. SIN [Heb. Hataa]–Means to miss the mark, to come short of the target. It is an archery term. The arrow comes short of the bull’s eyes because the archer has a lack of strength or a bad aim or both. In other words, we don’t measure up to God’s standards which we see in Christ.
  4. DECEIT [AV ‘Guile, Heb. remiya]–Means deception as in self-deception or satanic deception. I’m not sure anyone would sin if they understood the consequences clearly or if they could see the true nature of sin itself. David certainly did not see Bathsheba as an hideous snake, he saw a beautiful woman and the PLEASURE she could bring him. Of course from Bathsheba’s standpoint, David was the snake but all she saw was power, wealth and security. The bottom line is: Satan lures us into sin by deceiving us about it’s intent and nature. If David had seen in advance, that this roll in the hay would cost him three sons, surely he would have restrained himself for the sake of his family. Its the devil’s ability to make sin appear attractive that lures us into his traps. A bass will strike a hook but only because the hook is hidden in the lure. The fish doesn’t see the hook, it sees lunch.

Day three of the stomach bug. I am better but the bug is still there, I can feel it. I have not been able to eat as much as normal but this is not the kind of diet I intended. Every time I try to eat, I get the stomach ache. I think it will get better today.

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