Temple Guards


Then they gave the weapons to their guards, who took their positions around the temple and the altar to protect Joash on every side.

~II Kings 11:11, CEV


Prayer does not fit us for the greater work, prayer is the greater work.

~Oswald Chambers

I have not always prayed for our presidents, not daily. I did pray for Obama but not daily. I never prayed for his protection because he was never in danger. I did pray for his salvation, that he would see the light. In these latter days I feel an urgency to pray for President Trump daily because he needs protection. Today’s bible verse relates to young king Joash. Joash did not have good genes but he had good conditioning: he had been nurtured by his aunt who was married to a preacher. Joash had no siblings because his grandmother Athaliah had executed all his brothers and sisters. Athaliah is the most evil woman in the bible: she was a blood thirsty, power mongering witch and worshiper of Baal. She was evil through and through. The only reason Joash survived was that his aunt hid him in the temple. Athaliah was such a horrible grandmother and person that she did not know all her grandchildren by name. Long story short, Joash is only seven years old when he is declared king. Jehoida, the preacher that raised him, knew that he would not survive without PROTECTION. He knew the wicked Athaliah would destroy him in a heartbeat. So the Temple guards locked shields and surrounded the young king. To get to him, the wicked Athaliah would have to go through them.

Believers, we are the TEMPLE GUARDS. I am convinced beyond a doubt, that the mean spirited, malicious and malevolent elements of the left will destroy TRUMP if we Christians do not surround him with prayer. We must pray daily for our President’s protection. His enemies are ruthless and they will stop at nothing. They are filled with deadly venom and their intent is to destroy. We have to take this threat seriously. Richard Nixon won reelection by a landslide, second only to Reagan verses Carter. Nixon also promised to pull the plug and drain the swamp: he did not use Trump’s words but he vowed to dismantle the un-elected bureaucracy that Roosevelt and the democrats have put in place to ensure that their godless policies are enforced whether they control the White House or Congress or not. They sensed the threat and went to work on destroying Nixon. They got classified info from an FBI agent and that is what got the ball rolling. All of the scandals revolving around Bill Clinton blew over, because the media and the democrats gave him a free pass. This did not happen with Nixon, they hounded him daily with a deliberate and relentless attack. It did not succeed at first but eventually Nixon popularity began to drop. These people are evil and they are power hungry. The only hope for TRUMP is for those of us who believe to PRAY DAILY FOR HIS PROTECTION. His enemies do not believe in prayer but we do: God has the power to save our President but He is the only ONE who can. Don’t underestimate the power of evil. I beg you to lift our president up daily.

I attended Albert P. Brewer HS graduation last night and they had ten speakers. All were students and all did a good job. Most of them quoted scripture and a couple of them mentioned Jesus by name…Hallelujah for the seniors at Brewer.

I have to get going early this morning: we are feeding the Brewer teachers breakfast at 7:00 which means I have to leave here at 5:45 which is a little early for me. By the way, I could use some rain.

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

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