The Church of Convenience


Even after all of that happened, Jeroboam still didn’t change his evil ways. Once more he appointed priests for the high places. He made priests out of all kinds of people. In fact, he let anyone become a priest who wanted to. He set them apart to serve at the high places.

~I Kings 13:33, NIrV


Righteousness is often sacrificed on the altar of convenience.


Jeroboam was a promising member of Solomon’s cabinet until he disagreed with the sovereign potentate. Solomon put out a contract on Jeroboam prompting him to flee to Egypt where he stayed until Solomon died. Jeroboam was very popular with the people, especially those up North [Ten Tribes]. When Solomon died, the Elders of Israel sent for Jeroboam. They were tired of Solomon’s abuse and when Rehoboam promised more of the same they rebelled and anointed Jeroboam as king of the Northern Tribes which became known as Israel. Jeroboam had potential but he was a bit insecure. He was afraid the Israelites {Northern Tribes} would continue to go to Jerusalem to worship. It was an illegitimate concern, the Elders of Israel had made it clear that they were fed up with the house of David. Motivated by fear, Jeroboam establishes his own religion and it was based on convenience.

He set up idols, golden calves, at both ends of the country. He also sanctioned the worship on the high places [pagan altars]. The Levites wanted no part of this fiasco so they went back to Judah. Jeroboam was not deterred, he appointed his own priest which meant he could control them. Sacrifice ceased in the North and there was no prophetic voice to denounce these atrocities until a young nameless prophet from Judah, anointed and under God’s direction ventured North and preached judgment. He denounced the idol calves and all the high places. He performed a miracle in the presence of Jeroboam who intended to strike him down but when the king raised his hand, it became paralyzed. Jeroboam quickly ask the young prophet to pray for his healing which he did but even then Jeroboam refused to repent and he continued to promote the CHURCH OF CONVENIENCE.

This world clamors for such a religion. They want a Christ without a cross. They don’t want sacrifice and self-denial: they demand convenience. I saw a cartoon several years ago that says it all and I found it for you…

I do need to apologize to Cindy Wydner, a member of the choir who was at church Wednesday night and to the choir member with the severe headache but I’m not letting the rest of you off the hook. My next sermon, LORD willing, is at Sunrise this Sunday at 5:00 am. See you there ladies.

If you are old enough to draw SS you are a Senior Adult and I am expecting you this evening at 5:00 for our SWAMP JACK’S fish fry. We are going to have something you can’t get at the Top of The River or from SWAMP JOHN’S...we are eating crappie thanks to Keith Jenkins. We have never been so blessed: God sent us a professional fisherman. All this takes place at the pavilion. [Just kidding about the sunrise service, it begins at 8:00 am]

On our last cruise, I had cheese cake every single night for my dessert: those at our table couldn’t believe it. My motto is: “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.” Tonight as I prepare the blog, I am eating a New York cheese cake topped with Mrs. June special strawberry sauce. I got it at Sam’s Wednesday for our Sunday dessert but Big Mama says the kids want eat it so I am eating a piece every night. I bet old Gregg would like to have a piece right now. I am washing it down with some French Vanilla coffee.

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