The Conclusion Of The Matter


Here now is my final conclusion: Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyone’s duty. God will judge us for everything we do, including every secret thing, whether good or bad.
~Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, NLT


In my own experience I have found that the most extravagant dreams of boyhood have not surpassed the great experience of being in the will of God, and I believe nothing could be better.
~Jim Elliot
We all have an opinions and mine just happens to run contrary to the mainstream. I believe Solomon’s passion was teaching and with his money and power, getting a class room full of students was no problem. The Hebrew word kō·heh’·leth is used seven times in the book of Ecclesiastes [1:2,2,12…7:27…12:8,9,10]. The Kō·heh’·leth was a collector, editor, public speaker, speaker in an assembly. I think the word Professor fits the context. Solomon spent many hours pouring over books and preparing lectures. The book of Proverbs is a collection of proverbs that Solomon gathered. No doubt he wrote many but he edited them all. Just who did Solomon lecture or teach? Dr. Duane Garrett believes that Solomon taught his aristocratic colleagues or his peers. I think he taught young people. There is too much emphasis in Ecclesiastes about young people for me to ignore this possibility. Although Solomon was king, I think his passion was teaching. Every good teacher wants to capsulize their teaching into one statement; we call this a conclusion.

In his final conclusion, he states three admonitions that sum up the entire book:

  1. Fear God

  2. Keep His Commandments

  3. Live in Light of His Judgment

Solomon believed and taught that one should live life to its fullness in the younger years but this should be done with discretion, remembering that we are all accountable to God. He also believed it was very important for people to establish their values while they were young. A miserly young person becomes an old grouch. A bitter resentful youth becomes a cynical unhappy senior adult. Certain habits need to be formed while we are young. The decisions we make and the habits we form in our youth are going to affect our latter years. There are some things that we do not need to put off and a daily quiet time is one of them. Those who fail to establish spiritual disciplines when they are young will not have those disciplines to guide them when they are old.

Alfred Palmer spent most of his life outside of Morgan County but when it came time to retire, Bro. Alfred and his sweet wife Georgia moved to Morgan County and became members of New Center Baptist Church. Bro. Alfred health began to fail some ten years ago and he spent his last years in the Summerford Nursing Home. I wish you could have met Bro. Alfred, he was a light in darkness. He loved Jesus, he loved the word of God and he loved people. He read his bible daily. He read through the entire bible {KJV} over 300 times. How does a person become a happy old person life Bro. Alfred? By cultivating the right habits when you are young. Learn to study your bible now; learn to give now, learn to help others now; learn to enjoy solitude now. If you master these disciplines in your youth they will carry you through your latter years.

  • I got me a new monitor for the house computer {32 inches}. I couldn’t let Mandy out do me. Actually, it is a Smart TV that will work as a monitor. I sure Chloe will use it in the day time.
  • They got a gully washer at Florette. I got home and we had nothing but there were still some rain South of us so I went to bed with hope that we would get one in the night. We had about half our normal crowd so we had a prayer meeting.
  • I hope to get on the walking track and church yard today. This is my plan but lately, nothing has gone according to plan.

Robert Mueller To Resign/Will His Lover Nancy Pelosi Follow Suit

Robert Mueller’s steamy, 13-year affair with House Minority Leader Nancy {Nazi} Pelosi is going to cost him more than a little bit of embarrassment and his marriage, according to a trusted source inside the Department of Justice. Mueller will also be forced to resign from his position as Special Prosecutor for the FBI, making him look like the hypocrite he is. All I can say is hallelujah!

Pelosi, who says her husband was well-aware of the affair, swears that Mueller was just a friend whose company she enjoyed on long, lonely working nights and weekends in Washington. The California “progressive” says her husband was afforded the same freedom to explore “pleasures of the flesh.”

The democrats are frantically searching for someone to replace Nancy. The girl below is a candidate. The only problem is– she may be over qualified: her I.Q. is 91. Most democrats range between 80-90.

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