The Discipline of Faith


All things are possible for the one who believes.”

~Mark 9:23, NET


Keep believing God’s word. Never be moved away from it by what you see, hear or feel.

~Charles Cowman (Streams, page 155)

God’s purpose in leading Israel into the wilderness was to teach them how to live by faith. There were basically no resources in the wilderness that would support life and there were over two million people, plus livestock and this made the wilderness experience and impossible adventure. There was only one way the nation could navigate this maize of perpetual need. They had to trust God to provide. He did just that by bringing a river from a Rock {the Rock was Jesus}, giving them bread from heaven. A man can live on bread and water. God is ever seeking to teach us the way of faith. We call it sanctification but it is basically faith training. To train us properly; there must be trails of faith {no water}; there must be courage of faith like Abraham; following God but not knowing his destination. There are going to be some victories of faith, I have experienced one this week PTL. But for all these to work properly, we have to learn the discipline of faith.

The real moral fiber of faith is that we refused to be moved away from God’s promise {His word}. Joseph was a dreamer and he fully believed that God was in these dreamed. He dreamed of one day being a ruler. Not only over his brothers but his own father. His brothers were determined to crush his dream. How did Joseph feel when they put him in the pit? He begged them for mercy but no mercy was shown. He was then sold as a slave and was shacked with an iron collar; something none of us would ever desire happen to us. In Egypt, he experience a flash of success only to be crushed again by the treachery of a woman’s scorn. He languished in prison for years. Did he give up his dream? Did he lose sight of God’s promise. Did his situation seem hopeless?

I don’t asks God to do the possible: I can do the possible. I asks God to do the impossible. I can’t open the eyes of the blind but I can lead a blind man to Jesus and He can open his eyes. I can’t stop these evil marxist dems, but God can. I can’t restore Trump who is our rightful president and belongs in the White House but God can. The election was not only fraudulent, Biden himself is a fraud. I can’t change any of this but God can. I can’t bring the leftist media down. It is owned and controlled by the marxist Jewish elite. They not only hate Trump, they hate Jesus and the Bible. Evidently, they hate he state of Israel. They also despise poor Jews, alway have. I am sick of walking this thin line; let them call me a racist, I don’t care anymore. Black Lives Matter is a marxist movement that will benefit the elites and they are not black, they are billionaire Jews. Check it out for yourself, the facts are not that hard to fine. They own Hollywood and the Media and they are perpetuating racial strife and hatred. They are stirring stink just like they did in the book of Acts.

Sometimes God’s delay can be a part of His answer to our prayers. Mary and Martha wanted a healed brother, they wanted his life extended. Jesus didn’t come when the called and Lazarus died. Jesus arrived in His own time and both girls accused Him of being late but He was not late. The girls got a glorious resurrection which trumps a miraculous healing, Amen! We get a wonderful lesson which is: Jesus can heal through the resurrection and He will. So don’t be praying these sissy, weak, unbelieving prayers: they will never move the throne of grace. Pray for the impossible and pray with faith. The man who approached Jesus in Mark 9 almost offended Jesus, he said, “If you are able to do anything, have compassion on us and help us.” Jesus said, “What do you mean, ‘if I am able.'” It is not the best way to approach the creator of the universe. The ONE who has ALL authority and power.

I’ve actually tried to watch a little news to find out what is going on in Israel but Newsmax didn’t mention Israel and I cut it off. I have never paid my fee for the Epoch Times and I get the updates but can’t open them. I can get into the Babylon Bee stuff sometimes.

Went to the medical clinic by Zaxby’s Tuesday after a four day head ache. A young blond nurse came into my room; I felt some immediate healing until she asked me this question: “Do you live in a group home?” I said, “What on earth are you talking about?” She said, “A nursing home.” After seeing the doctor, she came in to give me my shots and I said, “Just how old do you think I am?” Her face turned red and she said, “Sir, I have to asks everyone that question.” I said, “No, no, you are not getting off that easy; how old do you think I am?” By this time I got a smile and she said, “about fifty-five.” I said, “Yeah, right! You were thinking eighty weren’t you.” She just laughed. Even Big Mama thought it was funny.

Helped Mandy deliver food yesterday and then hurried up to Bob Gibson’s on Danville Road to eat with Michael and the guys. We were sitting there eating and Michal asks me, “Why are you wearing your vest wrong side out?” I said, “I am not.” “Yes you are,” he said, “the tag is sticking out to prove it.” I said, “No, it just looks wrong side out.” He said, “Then zip it up.” I couldn’t, it was wrong side out and I had been wearing it that way all day. Friends don’t let friends wear their clothes wrong side out.

Lord willing Joe David and I are going to Birmingham to visit hospitals. First time in well over a year.

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