The Example


What god of any nation has ever been able to save its people from my power? So what makes you think that the LORD can rescue Jerusalem from me?”

~Isaiah 36:20, NLT


Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.


Yesterday we talked about PRIDE and today we have a perfect example. Sennacherib was the king of the Assyrian Empire during its hay day [705-681 B.C.]. He was known for two things, make that three: He was a great builder. He turned Nineveh in to one of the wonders of the world. He was also known for war and conquest and he was a pagan with a big mouth who was full of pride and arrogance. The Assyrians were brutal and ruthless in battle. They did not just kill their opponents; they tortured them. Sennacherib’s modus operandi was to terrorize, to put such fear into his enemies mind that they would either flee or surrender without a fight. You certainly did not want to be taken alive once the battle began. I met an Assyrian while I was in Iraq; they have a fierceness in their eyes. I asked him if he was a Christian and I thought he was going to cut my throat. After I saw the rage in his eyes, I didn’t ask anymore questions. Sennacherib invaded Judah when Hezekiah was king. As was his custom, Sennacherib sent his propaganda team ahead of his army. When they got to Jerusalem, they began making threats and making fun of the Jews and their God. Hezekiah was upset and offended. He called a prayer meeting. Isaiah the prophet told him to relax that everything would be OK. Isaiah said: He will never enter the city, nor shoot the first arrow over the wall and there will not be a confrontation. Isaiah reassured Hezekiah, “He will go back the way he came, this is the word from the LORD.”

I don’t think Sennacherib was impressed with Hezekiah’s resolve and he moved his troops into position around Jerusalem. He was ready to attack and destroy. No one could stop the great king of Assyrian. He would do to Yahweh what he had done to all the other gods, which he had burned. The poor fool didn’t understand Yahweh’s power. During the night, one angel, the Angel of the LORD, went out and struck the Assyrian camp. When Sennacherib got up the next morning their lay 185,000 dead soldiers, the bulk of his army. Suddenly Sennacherib was terrified and he returned to Nineveh in shame and defeat. He never recovered from this devastating lost and two of his sons assassinated him while he was worshiping in his pagan temple. If you want a future, humble yourself before God. No one wins who takes Him on and only a fool would try. Sennacherib was one such fool.

  • It is not only BLOCK PARTY WEEK, it is BLOCK PARTY DAY. We are still puzzled about last years small turn out but one thing is certain: nothing energizes DBC like the BLOCK PARTY. It is a phenomenal event unlike any I have ever seen. I hope people turn out this evening just so I will get to see the preparation again. I would not miss it for the world.
  • Sunday will be a busy day but I am excited: we have three events on Sunday and then LORD willing June and I leave for Pensacola, Florida Sunday for a COLS. I just want to praise the LORD for working thinks out so that I could get all these events in because they are all important to me.

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