The God Of Simple Things



Our LORD and our God, Bashan is a mighty mountain covered with peaks. Why is it jealous of Zion, the mountain You chose as Your home forever?

~Psalm 68:15-16, CEV


By small and simple things; great things are brought to pass.

~Russell Ballard


Bashan is a mountain range located just East of the Sea of Galilee on what is now known as the Golan Heights. This high plateau overlooks Galilee by over 3,500 feet. The highest mountain in the range is Hermon [9,232]. Compare that to Mount Zion which is only 2,500 feet above sea level.

Several years ago, our youngest daughter worked at the Yellow Stone National Park for the summer. We decided to drive through Denver on our way back and I have never been so disappointed in a city in my life. I thought Denver would be surrounded by beautiful majestic snow capped mountain peaks but Denver is on a plateau and you see no peaks, you see no mountains. If you have not been to Israel, you may imagine that Mount Zion, where Jesus died, is a tall and intimidating mountain that looms over the horizon. You would be very disappointed. Actually the mount of Olives is higher than Zion and both are craggy hills. They are not tall or majestic; they are plain and unattractive.

So what is the point? First of all, God does strange things that you and I cannot understand. Why did He choose this simple hill top when there are hundreds of breath taking mountains on earth? I don’t know the answer and I doubt if you do but that is what makes Yahweh God. His ways and thoughts are infinitely above ours. If I had to guess, I would say He chose this humble hill top because it epitomizes the ministry of Christ and His church. Although Jesus was the Son of God, He emptied Himself and took on a human body and came to us in the form of a servant. If we are to take on His mind and attitude, we will have the same mindset. As members of His body, the church, we are not lofty and majestic, but low, plain and even unattractive. It is God’s way: He uses the humble and meek to accomplish His purposes. He does great things through small instruments.


  • Scratch list for Deacons and Trustees will be in the foyer Sunday.
  • Joyce Moore is back in the Hospital: CCU Decatur General.
  • Full schedule Sunday: Deacons meet at 8:15, LCBS at 9:15, Worship at 10:15 and 6:15.
  • Nominating Committee meeting next Wednesday night at 6:00 in the conference room.
  • COMMUNION and Baptism Celebration on July 31.

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