The Hard Way


Good understanding giveth favor: but the way of transgressors is hard.

~Proverbs 13:15, KJV


“Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.”
~St. Augustine

The Christian life is the high road which leads upward so it involves a climb and a struggle. As Jesus said, “It is the narrow way and few people find it.” If you see the trends of this world as the current, living for Christ is going against the current and we all know swimming against the current takes much more effort than going with the flow. So which is it–Is the Christian life hard or the way of the transgressor hard? Adrian Rogers said, “The Christian life is easy,” but it is easy only when we die to self and allow Christ to live His life through us. Most translation are similar to the RSV, “Good sense wins favor, but the way of the faithless is their ruin.” Very few people believe that they are living for Satan; they are soundly convinced that they are living to please themselves. Friedrich Nietzsche said, “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.” Understand, Nietzsche was not a believer. He mocked the Bible and Christianity. What Nietzsche didn’t realize is that our way is the devil’s way. Due to the fall our default setting is on vanity and selfishness: we try to be our own god by doing as we please and this is exactly what Satan wants.

THE BOTTOM LINE: doing as we please is natural and so it seems to be easy but the consequences is what makes the way of the transgressor hard. Doing as we please sets us in rebellion against God. This is a battle that no man can win. Ultimately, God’s will is going to be done and there is nothing you can do about it. The transgressor or law breaker calls God out by doing the very opposite of what we were created to do and you can bet your last dollar, there will be consequences. This was the warning that Gamaliel gave to the Sanhedrin in Acts 5…“be careful brethren, you may find yourselves fighting against God.” What happens to those who take God on, who rebel against His authority and claim for their lives? I will answer that question with one word, they “lose.” Unfortunately, many will not know how bad they have lost until they stand before God in judgment but there are some who are living a hard life here on earth and it is because they are in rebellion against God. Yes I admit that living for Christ can be difficult and there is a cross to bear but rebellion leads to utter destruction and that destruction begins with the heart. No one living in rebellion can be truly happy, content or at peace. Friedrich Nietzsche lived daily with an utter contempt for Christ. He literally hated Christianity and devoted his life to destroying the Christian faith. How can a man driven by hate have any peace? There is no peace for the wicked {rebel}. [Isaiah 57:21]


Late getting to the office this morning. Our central is out and so I was trying to warm the house with alternate heating. It was 58 degrees in the house when I woke up: I have three rooms about 65 but the problem is that the temperature outside is falling. I should have had natural gas installed two years ago and I keep putting it off, this may move me.

The kids are thrilled with the weather but they don’t have to work it. My concern is ice on the power lines: I for one do not want to get without electricity.

Anywho, it is a minor problem compared to some others: continue to pray for Gregg, Traci, Sarah, Mike and keep Becky and the widows in your prayers. Vellene and Leona are locked in at the Terrace. They are not allowing visitors.


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