The Ignorant Left


Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them; they do not know what they are doing.’

~Luke 23:34, NEB


God always works with the end in mind.


I have not finished blogging on heaven but there is some stuff that has build up and I must vent. Some would consider this a political rant. If the truth offends you, don’t read this blog. I was talking to a good friend over the weekend about our political situation. All four major networks proudly proclaimed Biden the winner when we know beyond doubt that he did not win the election. We have the proof of voter fraud but to this point, judges and state officials have refused to look at the evidence. This is because we are and president Trump is the victim of a giant and very crafty contrived conspiracy. I told my friend and I am telling you–behind this diabolical scheme is the rich Jews. They are like snakes under a rock usually but Soros and Bloomberg, only two of them and by far not the wealthiest, choose to make themselves visible. Of course Soros changed his name so people wouldn’t know he is Jewish. These Sadducees {Jews who are money and power hungry} prefer to work in the shadows. If you think I am making this us, try reading the book of Acts and see what this group did to Paul. They know how to organize the community which is a synonym for stirring up a riot. When I hear these ignorant preacher say that the same crowd that cried hosanna, cried crucify Him; I want to grab them and shake for their ignorance. The Sanhedrin, run by the Sadducees are responsible for the crucifixion. They stirred up the street rabble, the pickpockets, thieves, homeless and drunks but they were behind it. Concerning the recent election: Long story short, we are the victims of an unbelievable injustice. They cheated and they may, or may not, get by with it.

I saw a bumper sticker in Hartselle last week that read, “Anyone but Trump.” The person driving that car has an IQ below 100. “Anyone?” Anyone is a broad term; it would include Kim Jong-un {North Korea}, Xi Jinping {China}, Nicol├ís Maduro Moros {Venezuela} or Ali Khamenei {Iran}. I am not a fan of Franklin D. Roosevelt but I would vote for him before I would vote for Hitler or Stalin. I am sorry folks, but how can you not make fun of the lack of intelligence on the left; especially to dupes. Do these idiots not understand that they do not have elections in North Korea, China, Iran and Venezuela. Actually they have rigged, but they are rigged–they cheat.

By the way, Kamala Harris is not a black. Her mother was Indian and her father a Jamaican. Actually, the record shows that she is extremely hard of the blacks. Her mother was a Hindu and her father a Christian: probably a wooden Jesus Christian like those in South America. Not really a Christian, not in terms of faith and practice. Now she has embraced five religions. She is definitely not Christian. One of her promises is to take Christmas off of calendar. How does that make you feel?

I still pray for president Trump every single day and I asks God every day and sometimes twice a day to right this wrong, to expose the evil people, most of them Christ haters and to restore our beloved president, the one who took a stand for the unborn but what if God chooses not to intervene? I finally got some peace about this a week or so ago. When God does not intervene, when He chooses to ignore and injustice {and He does, the cross is a perfect example}, it is because He has a greater purpose in mind. The disciples, stuck in time, did not understand why the Father did not save the Son from His agonizing suffering and abuse. The Father who lives in the eternal present was looking beyond to our salvation and our being in heaven with Him. Bottom line: I do not know why God has not exposed this evil crowd that rigged the election but I do know this: He is in charge and there is a reason why He allowed this gross injustice. We don’t have to know the answer {the why of it}; all we have to know is that He is working this out for our good and His glory.

By the way, my good friend said to me, “You can’t reason with these people” and he is right. If you have friends or family who are dyed in the wool democrats, all you can do is pray for them. They do not understand facts or logic. They are dupes, under a spell, and delusional so don’t waste your time trying to convince them. They don’t get into logic or common sense.

Sorry folks, I have put out some bad info concerning those sick with the virus. My sister Holly is not better, she is worse and we are very concerned. She is there alone and this is agonizing for her and us. The covid policies are horrible. Also my friend in Cleveland was put on the vent and I don’t like the vent. We also have some at GP who are recovering slowly, very slowly. Jean Smith is still in the hospital and Big Mike is at home but not getting his strength back. Terri says that Don Widner is going to stay at inside for a month before he even gets out. There are a couple of thing you need to keep in mind: [1] It affects different people different ways and the older you are, the harder it will be. [2] The testing for the virus is highly flawed. You may have been told you have the virus when you don’t. More important, pray for those with covid and even you are 70 plus, don’t take unnecessary risk like going to the beauty shop. My guess is that it will get worse before it gets better.

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