The LORD Is Active


But Jesus said, “My Father has never stopped working, and that is why I keep on working.” 

~John 5:17, CEV


God is always at work around you.

~Henry Blackaby

When Jesus told the Jewish religious leaders that His Father never stopped working, not even on the Sabbath and that He was simply following suite, they were enraged and wanted to kill Him for two reasons: He worked on the Sabbath and He claimed that God was His Father. It amazes me that these Jewish Religious leaders considered themselves scholars and they did know the scripture by heart, yet they were blind to the message the scriptures were conveying. When God gave Moses His personal name Yahweh, He was revealing a lot about Himself. First, He is the Eternal One who is self-existent–He has always been but the word ‘Yahweh’ is a Hebrew verb. This indicates that God is a God of action: He is not a do nothing God. The problem was not that God was not doing anything: the problem was the blindness of the Jews. God was at work big time and right before their eyes, yet they didn’t see it.

One chapter back we have the woman at the well saying to Jesus, “I know that the Messiah will come. He is the One we call Christ and when He comes, He will explain everything to us.” Jesus said to her, “I am that One and I am speaking to you right now.” So, in the incarnation, God was working and speaking, the Samaritan woman saw and realized this truth, the Jewish religious leaders did not. This is the crisis of faith, we look at a broken sin cursed world where evil abounds and we say to ourselves, “Why isn’t God doing something?” We look into scripture and Jesus reminds us that His Father and ours in always working. What are we to believe, our perception or Jesus word? A great illustration is the crucifixion. Did anyone think that day, “Where is God? Why doesn’t He do something?” I can assure you they were questioning God. The disciples were in the dark that day: they were mystified and terrified. It was some days later that they realized God was at work at the cross. Trust His word, not your perception. Rest assured, God is at work.

Florida Republican Matt Gaetz says that the democrats attempt over throw Trump is the biggest political scandal in history. He is thrilled that Trump is declassifying all the documents in the so called Russian investigation. All that time and money and there was never any evidence. The entire thing was fabricated by the democrats and Gaetz believed that Obama was the master mind.

Fox Nation’s Starnes also noted this, saying that there is “serious concern that the Obama administration was very active at at the highest levels in trying to thwart Donald Trump’s presidency.”

“When you hear the attorney general say that there were people that may have had their thumb on the scale, that’s exactly what you’re talking about. Obama did everything possible to keep Trump out of office.

Hey, it is not over: these lying democrats will come up with something else. Evil never takes a day off. Remember this Sunday, June 2, is a national day of prayer for President Trump.

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