The LORD Lives!


The Lord lives! Blessed be my Rock! Let the God of my salvation be exalted.

~Psalms 18:46, NKJV


God often uses our deepest pain as a launching pad for our most heart felt praise.

~Source Unknown

You can’t prepare for a day like yesterday. While there was anxiety at the Bailey’s, there was tragedy at the Callahan’s. We got the word about Ken on our way to the Airport in Atlanta. Wendell and family have our sympathy. I had some tough years emotionally and mentally back in the 80’s and Wendell Callahan is the man who coached me through those dark days. I felt like resigning every Sunday but Wendell always talked me out of it. I look back and see his wisdom. He had a few years on me and I am grateful for his counsel. I saw Ken last Saturday for the first time in a long time. He was cutting up with me and seemed to be happy as a lark. I was shocked to hear the news.

Joe David and I had a good trip to the Airport. We could not ask for better conditions. Traffic was heavy but moving. We had a little go-slow just past Six-Flags. It was my first time to go in on the West side which is the international terminal but with Joe David navigating we made it fine. He will be in the air by the time you get this on his flight from New York. He is flying across 11 time zones and should arrive at his destination on Saturday. We do appreciate all the prayers.

As I drove back from Atlanta, I was praying and I sensed a need to praise God. I confessed to HIM immediately, that I didn’t know if I could but I gave it a shot. I think we do our best praising when times are difficult. I do admit, what is difficult for me, might be a piece of cake for others. Our four year old has a pretty broad vocabulary. Actually, she knows words that we wish she did not but she is not an adult, far from it. When she talks to Grand daddy, he listens: he does not always understand but he listens. She has a bold faith and she gets a lot because she is not shy about asking. She doesn’t always ask for the right things or in the right way but she succeeds in communicating her desires. There is a big gap between a child and an adult but there is a much bigger gap between us and God. We are all children in His sight so don’t pretend to be grown up with HIM. Be like a little child: be honest, be humble, be yourself and have faith. I love my son, my daughters, my wife and my grandchildren: there is no reason for them to doubt my love. There is far less reason for you and I to doubt God’s love.

We got a lot of wind and a little bit of rain but I am not complaining. It got the big maple in our front yard. I cut it up and drug it off in the rain. I came back through B’town yesterday to visit Vickie and got there just in time to help her load up and head for Danville. She looks a lot better than she did last Saturday: I believe old Vickie is going to make it. It was touch and go for a while.

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