The Power Of Faith


Then Jesus told them, “I tell you the truth, if you have faith and don’t doubt, you can do things like this and much more. You can even say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen

~Matthew 21:21, NLT


Faith can move mountains: doubt can create them.


Jesus had perfect faith or faith without doubt. He cursed a fig tree and it withered immediately. The disciples were astounded. It was a “did you see that” moment. Jesus told his disciples, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” My mother used a part of this verse at Christmas time. I reached that point in life where I was too big for Santa. Mother simple said, “You don’t believe, you don’t receive.” Hey, I went back to believing immediately because I knew for sure she had connections with Saint Nick. I’ll be 70 my next birthday and I am still a believer. Saint Nick embodied the spirit of selfless and secret giving. I doubt if anyone enjoys Christmas more than I but I did go through some years of doubt and skepticism. Of course, we are not really talking about believing in the spirit of Christmas. We are talking about putting our faith, our confidence in God and His word. I have no doubt that faith is the key to effective prayer. It’s just that simple: you don’t believe, you don’t receive. Oh that we had that childlike faith that believes without doubt.

I think Joe David was about to have his sixth birthday. I know we where here in Danville because I tried to find Smith Lake and couldn’t. Yes, I drove down 41 to Arley and I crossed the bridge but I didn’t see a lake. My concept of a lake was Ross Barnett or Lake Erie. The Ross Barnett just East of Jackson Mississippi is probably 40 miles long and 15 miles wide: it is too wide to cross. Anyway, we were going to go to the Lake for Joe David’s birthday but that was not what he was asking for: he wanted a trampoline and was telling everyone that he was going to get one. I corrected him more than once,“Son, your probably not going to get a trampoline.” He was not deterred or discouraged. He kept telling everyone he was getting a trampoline. As time was running out, I began trying to figure out a way to get him a trampoline. I went to Lang’s sporting goods and checked prices. The cheapest thing they had was $250 and of course I did not have that kind of money. Vernon Lang saw my dilemma and he asked me what was going on. I told him my son wanted a trampoline and I couldn’t afford one. He said, “Son come to back with me and I’ll show you something.” He showed me a tramp that had a bent frame. He said, “If you’ll find the right spot in your yard, this trampoline will work and I’ll let you have it for $100 if you can come up with that much.” I don’t know how we did it but we managed to come up with $100. This was in the year 80 BC {Before Credit Cards}. I think he was with us when we picked it up. I do remember, he was not surprised. He believed all along that he was getting a trampoline. The boy never stopped believing and I felt compelled to reward his faith.

Of course there is an infinite difference between a human father and the heavenly Father. He is not limited in resources but He does respond to faith just like an earthly father.

  • I carried Mylee to the Volley Ball Tournament last night: I thought I was going for one game but that’s not how VB works. I watched Danville play St. John Paul three games. Thankfully, they won three in a row. Annabelle Vest was the star of the last game with four blocks. Then I watch Colby Crow and West Morgan play three thinking I would go home after that but no: Danville and WM had to play another set. Thankfully, I talked Mylee in to going home at 8:30. The Danville Girls and West Morgan will both advance to Regionals in Huntsville on Friday, I think.
  • Yesterday was perfect weather wise. Thank YOU Jesus!
  • Roger Burcham is in Cullman Regional, fluid build up. Pray for Dot and Roger.
  • Ray Edwards is in his room at Summerford…242. If you know Ray, you need to pay him a visit.
  • I saw Marla Marshall at the VB game last night. She stayed longer than I did. Unbelievable and Jeremy’s sister Amanda went to the Priceville game last Friday night. They still need our prayers but what courage and will power.
  • STEW tonight…I can’t wait…I think we start at 5:30. We probably began this tradition in the mid-80’s. I think Clovis Puckett helped us with our first one and then Dian Penney supervised for several years. I would say it is 30 years old or older. Chloe Bugs favorite time of year is Trunk-A-Treat. Christmas is second with her but not for me and Aunt T; we are counting the days which is 52 I think.
  • For SPORTS FANS only: I am picking the Red Soxs to win the World Series. I don’t think anyone can silence their bats. I believe they could beat Bob Fellow or Sandy Kofax.

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