The Pride Of Ephraim


The Ephraimite archers turned back on the day of battle.  They did not keep God’s covenant and refused to live by his law. They forgot what he had done, the wondrous works he had shown them.

~ Psalms 78:9-11 (CSB)


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

~George Santayana

The tribe of Ephraim was noted for it’s pride. It was the second largest tribe. Joshua was a member of this tribe and Siloh, the place of worship, was in Ephraim. Ephraim’s pride made them contentious and unwilling to learn or follow. They gave Moses problems, Joshua problems and Gideon problems. They were more talk than anything else and were even know to run from a battle. Joseph was a prince and a cut above all of his brothers. Evidently, the years of slavery honed his pride because Joseph never loses his humility and his absolute dependence on God. His sons were a different story. Joseph was raised by a shepherd. He lived the nomadic life, constantly on the move, never settling down or living in a house. Then he was bestrayed by his brothers at age 17 and sold into slavery. For thirteen long years Joseph lived the life of a slave. There is no question that God used this to make Joseph not only a prince among his brothers but a prince among men. Joseph became a wealthy and powerful man but that did not change in attitude. His sons, on the other hand, were raised in a palace and it is doubtful that they even knew hardship. Royals are generally spoiled and pampered. David was a much better king than Solomon for this very reason. David spent his childhoon and youth taking care of sheep, a job that all Jews loathed. Solomon was raised in a palace.

We don’t know for sure, but the pride of Ephraim may go all the way back to Ephraim. We know the emnity and hatred of Esau was transferred to his children. Being a parent in a huge responsibility. We want to confer our faith to our children but we don’t want them to inherit our hangups. It would have been good had the Ephraimites went back and studied the life of Joseph because the bible says they were prone to forget what God had done and He did incredible things through Joseph the father of all Ephramites. How much credence should we give to honoring our forefathers? One thing is obvious, the Ephramites should have given more because they dishonored Joseph with their behavior. I never knew my granddaddy Joe David [Jodie] Bailey but my mother said he was the best man on the planet bar none. When she spoke of him it was in reverence. As she lauded and praised my granddaddy for being a good man, patient and kind to all, my daddy would just sit and listen. When she got through with her diatribe, she would say, “And your daddy is nothing life him, he took after his mama.” I’ve had a lot of time to think about it and I disagree with mother. I think my daddy did inheret some of those good qualities because he loved to help people. He could never get any thing done at home because he was always helping someone else. Long story short, Bailey’s are not V.I.P.’s, we don’t finish at the top of the class but we have name, a heritage, a legacy and the last thing I want to do is dishonor my granddaddy or my daddy. We do not cease to honor our parents when they are gone. I try harder now, than ever before, to honor my mother and father. The Ephramites gave no thought to honoring Joseph.

  • You want to talk about perfect weather: today, or yesterday for readers was the perfect day. The sun felt good but not oppressive. I worked right up to dark and it was cool when I went into the house.
  • Larry Bennich does have cancer and he will have radium and chemo but he is making progress and they moved him to Health South in Huntsville yesterday evening around 2:00. He and Linda have a special needs child {Jill, age 47} who lives at home and this will make it easier for Linda. The more I get to know this family, the more I love them. Larry is moving his left side a little.
  • Thomas Oden, Honi Smith’s dad, is also making progress. His stroke paralysised his left side. I am getting to know Thomas. He had five children {two sets of twins} and they stay with him 24-7. I told him yesterday, “Thomas Oden, you are a blessed man.” I had prayer and left but his daughter came running out into the hall and said, “Daddy said, ‘thank you Jack.'” That made my day.
  • Barbara and Thomas Pickens daughter Kristen was in a wreck a few days ago and she is in HH. Her husband Michael has requested our prayers for Kristen. She had a closed head injury and the concern is with the brain swelling.
  • BLOCK PARTY this Saturday at 4:00. Hey, it is for the neighbors but you can come if you like. I will even let you help. Burgers, dogs, tator salad, baked beans and probably cookies for dessert. We have a 40 inch TV, a leaf Blower and some gift cards. Everyone is elgible to win at our party except June and our children. The band director at Danville keeps messing me up with these band things on BLOCK PARTY DAY.

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