The Pride of Ephraim



The warriors of Ephraim, though armed with bows, turned their backs and fled on the day of battle.

~Psalm 78:9, NLT


The greatest ability is dependability.

~Robert Jones


bro. jack marc crowEphraim was Joseph’s youngest son but Jacob’s favorite grandson. Of course Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son. Jacob favored Ephraim just as he had Joseph and I assume that greatness was expected from him and his descendants. Yet before the death of the first generation, Judah begins to emerge as the leader. In spite of this, the tribe of Ephraim remained proud of there heritage, being Jacob’s pick. Hosea said, “Ephraim feeds on the wind.” Ephraim was lacking in substance and character. They talked big but acted small. Their military uniforms were impressive and their weapons were the best but they lacked the courage to fight. Gideon, the mighty man of valor, put no confidence in the men of Ephraim because they were not dependable. In the heat of battle, they would turn tale and run. This tribe is alive and well today and they sit among us. I speak of the fair weather ‘Christians,’ who show up when they please and disappear when they are needed most.


  • I am still puzzled about the blog that disappeared. I think I have been censored.
  • Our YOUTH are back safe and sound.
  • Peggy’s daughter Becky is at home in Decatur.
  • June says a cool front is coming in, not suppose to get but about 94 for a few days. Three days ago, our garden was too wet to plow. Today it is dust. I like mowing grass but I hate the dust. Joe David said that Teddy has had a rain everyday for the past 30 days. They are paying their preacher at Grand Bay.
  • Don’t forget those CHILDREN’S CHEWABLE VITAMINS: Sunday is our last day. By the way, what do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear! Ha! I bet Jason is rolling in the floor. Where does a one legged waitress work? Ihop! Ha, got you again. What do you call the one legged waitress? Ilene! It will be my luck that WORD PRESS has a one legged CEO who will censor this blog also.
The hat was designed by FISH
The hat was designed by FISH

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