The Pride of Tyre


“Son of man, say to the ruler of Tyre, ‘This is what the Lord GOD says: Your heart is proud, and you have said, “I am a god; I sit in the seat of gods in the heart of the sea.” 

~Ezekiel 28:2, CSB


Pride is the spiritual cancer that devours family, destroys relationships, and divides churches and nations.

~Jerome Jackson

Tyre was a majestic city and sea port located on an Island just North of Israel. It’s location would be off the coast of present day Lebanon. Actually, a part of the city was located on the mainland but the commercial center of Tyre was on the Island. It was a city with a rich heritage; it was founded 2700 B.C. and it reached its zenith in days of Solomon. Tyre had the perfect location and it became a center of commerce and trade. Ezekiel gives us an extensive list of things that could be bought or sold at Tyre. Anything in the known world could be seen at the markets of Tyre which made it one of the world’s wonders. I would love to have seen the city in its hayday. There was a problem: Tyre’s success and wealth had breeded an air of pride. The Tyrians were boastful and proud. Ezekiel warned them of God’s impending judgment. He predicted their fall and destruction. He even gave details. Nebuchadnezzar tried to destroy Tyre and laid siege to the city for 13 long years. The Tyrians survived the siege and almost bankrupted Nebuchadnezzar. They were able to escape to the Island fortress and Nebuchadnezzar could not defeat them. Of course this only enhanced their already arrogant spirit. However, God had said through Ezekiel…. Your wealth, merchandise, and goods, your sailors and captains, those who repair your leaks, those who barter for your goods, and all the warriors on board, with all the other people within you, sink into the heart of the sea on the day of your downfall. — Ezekiel 27:27 (CSB) Later Ezekiel said, “You will become a place in the sea to spread nets…. you will never exist again… for I have spoken.” This is the declaration of the Lord GOD.”

So basically, Tyre survived for almost another 300 years if my math is right before Alexander the Great came calling in 332 BC. Sidon had surrendered without a fight and he expected Tyre to follow suit but the Tyrians were a different breed. They bartered with Alexander but would not surrender unconditionally. He wanted to make a sacrifice in one of their pagan temples on the Island Fortress and they refused. They killed his ambassadors and threw them over the wall and into the sea. This really ticked Alexander off and he immediately engaged his army in a plan to take the stones from the mainland buildings {consisting of 15 villages} and use them to build a causeway to the Island where the heart of Tyre was located. He moved his war machines across the causeway and took the city and did all of this is seven short months. He either killed or enslaved all 30,000 in habitants.

Two major lessons to learn or two truths to be reaffirmed: [1] Pride always goes before a fall. This spiritual law is as real as the law of gravity. Pride will bring us down. When I hear these idiots get on talk radio and talk about Alabama and Georgia beating everyone’s brains out, I shutter. Anyone can get beat on any given day. No one is unbeatable. Yes Missouri can beat Alabama and LSU can beat Georgia. Pride goes before a fall. Boasting is not good. Never count your chickens before they hatch. [2] Ezekiel’s prophecy was fulfilled. This is a reminder to us that all prophecy will be fulfilled; it is simply a matter of time. Never fear, HIS KINGDOM will come and HIS WILL–will be done.

  • They may fire me at GRACE POINT. I was told that they had basically no sickness until I arrived and now I keep the roads hot visiting hospitals. We have two in HH and one in B’town and one of our members as a niece at St. Judes.
  • I want to share a couple of JACK’S GAFFS or “malapropisms”. June and I were at Summerfords on Saturday morning, I was walking hurriedly between Betty Blackwood’s room and Willard’s mom’s room and I met a man in a wheel chair…I said “How are you doing today? He says something but I didn’t slow down are really hear what he said, I assumed he said, “I am fine” and I responded “good, that’s great.” June chases me down and said, “do you know what he said? I said, “He said he was fine.” She said, “No, he said, ‘I am pitiful’ and you said, ‘good, that’s great’. Then on Monday, we went to SAMS to get our BP stuff. On the way out, the woman checking the reciepts said, “Looks like there is a crowd coming.” I quickly said, “There sure is, we are having a block party at our house this Saturday… and June comes up behind me and said…go to the car, you have no idea what you just did. I said, “Sure I do, she said, ‘looks like a crowd in coming,’ and I said, ‘there sure is.…”. June said,you idiot, she said, “Looks like a cloud is coming.” Sure enough there was a dark clound overhead when I walked out. I knew the woman gave me a strange look but I assumed she thought I had a wierd wife.
  • My new mini-computer is not going to cut it. I’m going to have to pack it up and take it back….too slow…that drives me crazy. I can’t do slow.
  • Its BLOCK PARTY week here at 1120 and I still have lots of visits to make and two sermons to prepare. I went by to see Amanda yesterday but didn’t get to see her. Larry Bennich is much better. Talking to family and eating. I should also ask you to pray for our Senior adults who are struggling. Betty Blackwood {Keith’s mom} has COPD and she has had a rough month. Roger Burcham is making progress but he too has a ways to go and Dot is under a lot of strain. Willard’s mom Jackie is better but not hardly able to take care of herself. Lou Hayes is really struggling with her back. She could barely walk Sunday night and she missed GOLDEN GIRLS Saturday morning which never happens.

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