The Spirit Is Willing But…


“Keep watching and praying that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”

~Matthew 26:41,  NASB


The flesh is strong when it comes to doing its will but it is weak when it comes to doing God’s will.

~Jack Taylor

In the game of baseball, you are above average if you can get one hit in every three at bats. A player who accomplishes this feat bats 333. which can win a batting title these days. I have learned over the years that the flesh hits 000. , the flesh fails every time. All it can produce is a big fat zero. It is incapable of doing the will of God so do not trust it to do so. I read Mark 14 in the Weymouth yesterday and it contains the story of Peter’s denial. What Peter did three times, I have done a hundred and I can tell you, it brings shame. There is nothing I desire more than pleasing my LORD and Savior and yet I let Him down constantly. He begged His disciples to pray for one hour. During that agonizing hour, Jesus was sweating blood which means he was in a state of trauma. When He came to check on His faithful friends, they were asleep. It makes you want to grab them and shake them, “What are you thinking? He needs you to empathize and show some concern. Get off your lazy butts and get on your knees: the Master has called you to prayer.” Of course there is one major problem, we are the disciples and we are just as indifferent and careless as they were. After they all openly vowed to die with Jesus, they didn’t even pray with Him and when the arresting party arrived, they scurried into the brush like frightened rabbits. It was a dismal night for the disciples because they relied on their flesh and it failed them. It will fail you and I as well. Peter said boldly, “the rest my fail you but I will never fail you.” That was Peter’s pride popping off: he used the word “Never” twice. As Naola Bailey said again and again, “Never say never.”

There are two things you can count on: [1] Jesus will never fail and [2] the flesh will never please God. It will boast but it cannot back up its commitments. Do not trust the flesh, it will fail every single time.


I actually had a blog ready to post on Christmas Eve but I was unsuccessful in getting it to upload. I’ve moved my computer back to the office building and hope to get on track this week. June went to Grace Point with me yesterday and did really well. I don’t think she was as tired as I was. We came straight home and crashed. I feel restored today so maybe the rest is what I needed. We are headed to Huntsville this morning. June has to get the bone density shot once a month for a year. I do hope you have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

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