The Ultimate Promise Keeper



You have kept your promise to my father David. He was your servant. With your mouth you made a promise. With your powerful hand you have made it come true. And today we can see it.

~2 Chronicles 6:15, NIrV


Good intentions can make a promise but it takes character to keep them.

~Image Quotes


In the early part of Solomon’s life, he understood clearly that Yahweh was unique. God not only makes promises to us, He has the ability to keep them. Solomon said to the LORD, “With Your mouth, You made the promise and with Your power [hand] You made the promise come true.” The key word here is “power.”

We humans make lots of promises and we break lots of promises. Jesus is a PROMISE KEEPER, we are promise breakers. Many years ago, I married a young couple that I didn’t think ought to marry. I pulled the young man aside and said, “You do understand that you have two strikes against you. It will take a miracle for this marriage to survive.” He said, “I give you my word, there will be no divorce.” The marriage lasted less than a decade.

There are some promises we could keep if we were committed to keeping them but sometimes we make promises we do not have the power to keep. We have good intentions but we simply overload our wagon. Sometimes I listen to talk radio and I hear fans calling in promising victory for their team but these promises are empty. I certainly hope that no one listening is foolish enough to make a bet on these promises. My mother faithfully corrected us every time she heard the word “never” in relation to a promise. Her advice: “Never say never, it has a way of coming back to haunt you.” I do believe that my mother was right. Be very careful about the promises you make.

BJ and COur 4 year old granddaughter Chloe is a jabber-box. She talks 90 to nothing none stop. She uses more words in five minutes than her daddy does all day. Chloe has an amazing vocabulary but to me, her words are not clear. June and Holly understand her much better than I do. When I come home in the evenings, Chloe is usually there and she climbs in my lap and goes to talking. Like her mama, most of the time she is asking for something. Every now and then I hear Big Mama from the kitchen say, “Do you understand what you just promised her?” I say, “No, I don’t even know what she said. I agreed just to get her to hush.”


  • Pray for Bill Harrison. We think Bill will have a heart cath today but we don’t know when.
  • Two more additions yesterday: Jenifer Garner and Kim Tanner. Unfortunately, I forgot to look at the board so I don’t know how we did on attendance or offerings.
  • The TRUSTEES met again yesterday and they will have a report his Sunday. It concerns our parking lot.
  • OCTOBER EVENTS: [1] We host the MBA Annual Meeting on Monday night October 24th. [2] Our FALL STEW is on Wednesday night October 26. The kids will also do hay rides on this night. [3] Trunk-A-Treat is on Sunday evening October 30 [5:00-6:30]. We have 37 venders signed up. This is the most in over a decade.
  • Autumn in Norway…






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