The Wild Goose



The wind blows wherever it pleases.

John 3:8, NIV


“The early Celtic Christians referred to the HOLY SPIRIT as the Wild Goose and the reason why; He cannot be tamed and He is never predictable.”

~John Eldridge


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Both the O.T. and N.T. word for spirit is related to wind or breath. They can be translated wind, breath, spirit and they can refer to God’s Spirit which is Holy, the human spirit which is the deepest part of our being, the spirit of evil or the spirit of truth. In John 3:8, Jesus was using the word spirit {pneuma} as a metaphor to describe the mysterious nature of the Holy Spirit. He simply says, “The wind blows wherever it pleases.” He could have said, “The wind blows when and where it pleases.”

The wind cannot be controlled by human agency. “We cannot predict it, direct it or stop it.” Jesus could speak to the wind, command the wind, calm the wind but we can do none of these things. This is why the disciples were so amazed when Jesus stood on the stern and said, “Peace, be still.” Jesus actually told the wind to calm down.

There are two truths that I want to arm you with for your day: [1] Our need for the Holy Spirit is desperate. How desperate are we for pneuma [breath]? I was listening to Michael W. Smith Sunday morning as I traveled from the hospital to the church and he sang a song that speaks so clearly to my needs, “I am desperate without You.” May God enable us to see our desperate need for the Holy Spirit today. [2] The ancient mariners were desperate for the wind. With out the {Ruach, Pneuma} wind, they would perish at sea but the second truth is that they were not just desperate for the wind, they depended on the wind for leadership. They went with the wind, not against it. The Holy Spirit will guide and direct you today if you will take your hands off the helm. Trust the Spirit to direct you today and then tonight you will see the results.


  • Thank You Jesus for the rain. We got a live over a half inch but some got an inch and a half. It came a flood in Decatur and in Hartselle.
  • Joyce Moore was not doing well yesterday. I was disappointed because I expected her to be better. I don’t think they know what’s causing the problem. Kay Orr’s test yesterday were good, PTL but she is having more today. Testing for ulcers today. Mrs. Clara got to come home.


“Weather forecast for tonight: Dark!”


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