The Word And Hope


Do not snatch Your word of truth from me, for Your regulations are my only hope.

Psalm 119:43, NLT


We need God’s word in our hearts not only to keep us from sin but to enable us to share the truth with others.

~Warren W. Wiersbe

The sixth stanza is the Hebrew letter ‘waw’ and again the subject is the WORD OF GOD. The Psalmist loved the word of God and so should we for it is the word that reveals God’s unfailing love for us. Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. The bible is God’s love letter to us. Many a sweetheart, during times of separation from their love one, has kept the love letters. They read and reread them, they cherish and treasure them. How much more should we cherish the word of God. We are to love the WORD, love the Author of the word and we are to love those who do not know the word. It is in the WORD OF GOD that we find SALVATION, HOPE, FAITH and LOVE. We are to study the word, mediate on the word and we are to share the word. May God enable us by His marvelous grace to share His WORD with a lost and dying world. We have to get the gospel to the world and we must begin in Danville or for me this Saturday, Rockyford.

Richard Wrumbrand

If you were arrested and put in solitary confinement and your captors allowed you one thing to take to your cell: what would you choose? If you are thinking TV, I think you should reconsider. You would be bored with TV before the end of the first month. The one thing you would want would be a bible. When the communist put Richard Wrumbrand in prison, they allowed him nothing. He could not have a bible, not even a pen and tablet. He was kept in solitary confinement for 14 years. By his own testimony, he almost lost his mind. He had no way of recording the scriptures he had memorized and although he tried to quote them daily, his memory began to fail in the latter years. From time to time, his captors nailed him into a wooden coffin and then let him freeze to the point of death before they would take him out, revive him and then do it again. By the time they released him, he knew only a part of one verse but he repeated it over and over all through the day.  In 1964, a group of Norwegian Christians bought his release for $10,000.00. Wrumbrand was forced to leave Romania. He eventually came to America where he started the VOICE OF THE MARTYRS. The WORD OF GOD is food for the soul and spirit. You’ll never know how much you need it until it is taken from you. I pray that such a thing never happens for you or for me.

  • Team Guatemala is home safe and sound: We may have us a Missionary in the Bailey clan, Josie wants to go back and spend the summer. Ty wants to give the report at church. I don’t think that is going to happen.
  • We did as much as we could on the Block Party yesterday; things are coming together. Another neighbor called yesterday wanting to help. Just keep praying!
  • The nights are cooling finally: we just missed a frost last night!
  • Colin Kaepernick’s collusion case against NFL owners will argue that his continued unemployment is at least partially the fault of President Donald Trump, CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reports. [Unbelievable]
  • According to what I have read on the net, all NFL teams except the Dolphins, 49ers, Chiefs and Raiders stood for the National Anthem. Only one refused to stand for the Raiders: you would never guess–Marshawn Lynch. This man is so full of hate and venom that he refuses to talk to the press. I would be shocked if he did stand.

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