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Who is like me? Let him come forward and speak boldly. Let him tell me everything that has happened since I created my people long ago. And let him tell me what has not happened yet. Let him announce ahead of time what is going to take place.

~Isaiah 44:7, NIrV


“The secret to change is always to identify and dismantle the basic idols of the heart.”

~Tim Keller


A Jack 4When Moses ask God to reveal His personal name, God said, “Tell them I AM sent you.” I AM is the Hebrew verb for being but it contains every tense imaginable. I AM because I AM. I AM what I AM. I AM since I AM. I AM because I have always been or I will be what I have always been is you can go on and on for pages. Moffatt translates YHWH {I AM} the Eternal. You could translate it the Infinite. The is the basic essense of God.

  1. He is Eternal-always existed.
  2. He is Infinite-He has no beginning or end.
  3. He is Spiritual–He is real but you cannot see Him, no mortal has seen Him.
  4. He is the Creator–He created all things.
  5. He is Almighty or Supernatural–The wind is a powerful force but God is more powerful than the wind. He is greater than His creation.
  6. He knows the future.

Primarily, Isaiah 44 is a satire on idolatry. Isaiah tells about a man who cuts down a tree. He uses most of the wood for fuel to warm himself and cook his meals but he uses a part of the wood to carve and idol. He then gets on his knees and worships the idol. He prays to the idol saying, “Save me.” Isaiah says of this man:

  1. He is blind to the truth.
  2. His mind is closed.
  3. He refuses to think.
  4. He has no sense.
  5. He is foolish.
  6. He is feeding on ashes.

Do you know the future? Do you know what is going to happen next week or next month? What will 2017 bring or do you know for sure that there will be a 2017? You don’t have a clue and neither do I. Al Gore doesn’t know either.

Liberals are strange creatures: they are all the things above when it comes to God–blind, minds are closed, refuse to think, they have no sense, they are foolish and they feed on ashes. They left up Albert Einstein as a hero. They boast that he did not believe in God. There are at least two flaws in their thinking. There is no evidence that Einstein was an atheist. I minored in Philosophy and all philosophers, with some rare exceptions, believed in an infinite power and intellect. It would take a fool to deny infinity and those who worship idols are fools and so are those who deny God’s existence. To disregard infinity is to mock logic and reason.

  • Another good day yesterday–308 in attendance with two more additions. The LORD keeps adding to our number daily. He is to be praised: this is HIS doing. We welcome Craig Riddle and Allison Tanner as members of DBC.
  • We are hosting the ANNUAL MORGAN COUNTY BAPTIST ASSOCIATIONAL MEETING this evening so Mandy and I have a full day of activity. She and I both will be on the run as we prepare for the meeting. I want to thank all of those who have helped us out:
    • John and Joye Tucker [Praise and worship and special music]
    • Hailey Clark [Special Music]
    • Linda Glenn [Piano]
    • Holly Reeves and Team
    • Catfish [Sound]
  • STEW AND HAYRIDES this Wednesday. We start serving stew at 5:30, probably in the Parlor kitchen. Don’t worry about getting here at 5:30, we start early to get the kids fed and on the hayrides. Come when you can. We will keep serving until 6:30 or 7:00.
  • TRUNK-A-TREAT this Sunday evening: 5:00-6:30



Wade Morris: Evangelist, Preacher, Teacher and Conference Speaker
Wade Morris: Evangelist, Preacher, Teacher and Conference Speaker

November 6-9

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