Trust The LORD


Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.
~Psalms 37:4, NASB


The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick; Who can understand it?
David learned the hard way; he eared his diploma from the school of hard knocks with the colors of black and blue. In his latter years he writes Psalm 37 where he gives a marvelous plan for success. The greatest pit fall in life could very well be the misguidance that comes from the human heart: we are tempted to trust our heart rather than the LORD and His word. Here is David’s formula for success:
  1. Trust the LORD, not your heart, and do what is right. [37:3]
  2. Delight yourself in the LORD. Make your vertical relationship the most important. Love Jesus will all your heart and soul. When you put Him first, He will give you what your heart really desires. [37:4]
  3. Commit your way to the LORD. You know what it right, so do it. Obey Him and give no regard to self. [37:5]
  4. Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him to fulfill your hearts desires. He will do it in His time, you must trust Him and wait. [37:7]
  5. Give your anger to the LORD.  Cease from anger, forget revenge. Let God take care of those who have hurt you. [37:8]
No marriage is perfect and often times needs go unmet and one or the other becomes dissatisfied or unhappy with the relationship. Then along comes prince charming or should I say princess in some cases, who listens, cares and does all the things your spouse has not been doing. Before you know it an intimate relationship has developed and you begin having crazy thoughts like divorcing you spouse and sacrificing your children’s happiness for your own. It happened all the time. People follow their heart instead of obeying the word of God and doing what is right. Adults become vainly selfish and put themselves before Christ and their children. It will not lead to a good end. There is no future for those who choose to do what is wrong. Psalms 37 works if we put it into practice and following David’s advice will lead to a far greater happiness than can ever be achieved by following your deceitful heart. The problem is: people trust their heart more than Christ and His word. The greater problem is: their heart is deceiving them.


Not a lot happened on this day in 2000. We were gearing up for Rick Gage Crusade which was a bust and working on our sound system. Bro. John Tucker was our Music Director.
PTL, My calendar for February is filling up. Michael Browning from Sardis Springs called and booked me for their January Bible Study Feb. 26-Mar. 1 I am preaching at the MORGAN COUNTY BAPTIST pastor’s conference today which means I have to get this posted and get ready to go.

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