Unsinkable Faith


My heart is confident in You, O God; no wonder I can sing your praises with all my heart! 

~Psalm 108:1, NLT


Where reason cannot wade, faith swims.

~Thomas Watson

When David was in the field, he would arise early on the day of battle and sing praise songs to God. No wonder he never lost a battle, he had an unshakable faith. David depended on the LORD’s help, he confessed that all human help was worthless. He believed that with God’s help, Israel would do mighty things and defeat their foes. In the midst of the storms, the difficult times, our faith in Christ should remain strong. This is the unwavering nature of a faith that is founded on Christ and Christ alone. Trusting Jesus is not an escape; it is not a naive way to explain away our problems or even deny that they exist. To the contrary, our faith in Christ helps us face problems head on with a positive and triumphant outlook. Faith believes that God will inevitably give us the victory. In the midst of difficulty, faith sees an opportunity for God to work and get glory for Himself. Faith looks up, not down. Faith looks forward, not backward. Faith encourages–it never discourages. Faith is never a victim, it is a triumphant over comer. The good ship of faith may take on a little water from time to time but it is unsinkable

The strength of David’s faith is anchored in its object: David’s faith was in Yahweh {LORD}. I graduated high school in 1967. I could have and should have been at East Limestone [that was my district] and I could have played basketball with James Hobbs who went on to Jacksonville State were he became a star. James was a star but not a super star. What if James had Michael Jordan type ability? Remember, Michael needed some one to throw the ball in to him, someone to set picks and screens for him. I could have done all three and been on a state championship team. I know what your thinking: you could throw the ball in to him and set picks and screens. Very true, anyone who knows anything about basketball, and could run could do it. We are on a TEAM, but it is not Michael Jordan’s team. We have a Super Star and His name is Jesus. We have a great team that ultimately cannot be defeated but it has nothing to do with our personal ability and everything to do with HIS.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we must remain positive and upbeat. We may get fouled or even called for a violation but in the end we win because of Jesus. We have to keep the end in sight. We are not victims, we are hyper-nike’s, more than conquerors. The battle may be ragging in your life but remember, David sang praises to God before the battles and his enemies could hear him. Do not give in or up: sin, self and Satan are not going to win so keep the faith! Remember, your faith is not in yourself or others: it is in Jesus Christ. If you put your trust in yourself or others, you are doomed to failure. Put your confidence in Jesus and His word.

  • Another good service. Mt. Zion is a great little church. They have a wonderful fellowship. Their praise and worship leader has a humble spirit and he is so respectful of Bro. Wayne. Larry Bennich was back again last night. So was Bob from our McDonald’s Sunday morning group. That makes three of the six that have come to hear me preach. I am impressed. Stacey, Danielle and Briley were also there last night. We love Danielle’s family. They are salt of the earth people.
  • I  cannot get over the NFL thing or Pittsburgh Steeler thing: as Keith would say, “Unbelievable.” I am in full agreement with Trump: the NFL is a political force for the left. They are anti-Christ, anti-family and anti-american. It upset them with Tebow kneeled to pray but it is ok to kneel in protest, especially when they don’t like our president. Why didn’t we protest Obama? This is not really about Trump. It is about a powerful organization that is against the conservative agenda. They supported Black Lives Matter but refused to support Blue Lives Matter. I was already sick of the NFL, now I hope a few million more see the light. I wouldn’t care if they canceled in entire season: who needs them? The Tide is enough for me.

Trump Haters

A picture is better than a thousand word…this one says a lot.

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