Upcoming Election Pivotal


How could this happen? How could this be? Why have you become this degenerate race of evil men

~Jeremiah 2:21 TLB


We will never meet God in REVIVAL until we first met Him in brokenness.

~Nancy Leigh Demoss

Brokenness is the shattering of our self-will, dreams and ambitions and the complete surrender to the will of God. It does not mean that we are unafraid of His will but it does mean that our rebellion has vanished. Our fear of God is greater than our fear of the unknown and the last thing we want to do is rebel against Him. Jeremiah was called to preach to Judah but Judah had rebelled against God. They had forsaken Yahweh for other gods. Jeremiah said their were more gods in Judah than cities. God was speaking through the prophet but Judah wasn’t listening and they certainly were not obeying. I am light years from perfection but I do fear God and I fear for the future of my children and grandchildren due to what is going on in America

I have never been faithful to pray for our presidents. I prayed for all on occasions but never have I daily interceded for the Commander-in-chief. I would take credit for what’s happening now {praying for the president daily} but I chalk it up to grace and the work of sanctification. The LORD did this–I am sure of it. How low have we as Americans sank. Are we ready to embrace “Cuties?” Pedophiles are now demanding to be called MAPs–Minor Attracted Persons and they want to be accepted under the umbrella {acronym} LGBTQ-A.
Bob Netflix, Netflix founder and CEO said, “If we removed every movie that reflects terrible morals, we’d have no movies from the era of Cuties. It just needs context.” So what I predicted would happen has happened much sooner than I expected, the left is attempting to decriminalize child molestation. Killing the unborn is bad enough but using children as sex toys is abhorrent. It should make any decent person sick at their stomach. Even the beer guzzling, foul mouthed, bar hopping, church hating population should be appalled at what Netflix is doing.

Now lets be reasonable: if Biden is elected it is only going to get worse. The democrats have fully embraced cultural Marxism: their goal is to destroy the REPUBLIC. Do not underestimate them: they are organized and they control the courts, congress, classrooms {higher education} and the media. They also control entertainment and professional sports. This group has worked relentlessly since the days of Woodrow Wilson. This is not a new movement. I literally shudder to think what will happen if TRUMP is not re-elected. I am praying daily for a REVIVAL in America. We still have professing Christians voting for the left: what is hades are these people thinking. They are voting for abortion, homosexuality, and now pedophilia. How can any follower of Christ support such evil? I do pray for fools like Jimmy Carter who think that Christianity can be mixed with Marxism. So I pray daily for REVIVAL. I am praying for TRUMP to take all 50 States. Remember Obama thought we had 58 and there is no telling what Joe thinks. If there is any decency left in America; it had better step forward November 3 or our goose is cooked.

I cannot get it uploaded but Rep. Chip Roy of Texas made a stirring speech this morning calling out the Speaker of the House and the NBA. It pertained to the 43 policemen that have been murdered this year due to BLM. Where is professional sports on this justice matter?

Listen folks, we have learned to live without sports and we can live without Netflix. We are already guilty of enough, why add to your tab…dump Netflix. I have dumped professional sports and Netflix will not be a problem. I could care less about what you feel, just do the right thing. The left operates on feelings, we need to operate on facts. Step up to the plate, vote for REVIVAL in America, cancel Netflix. I couldn’t wait to do the research…Netflix is Jewish…go figure. We are dealing with another Sadducee in the mold of Soros and Bloomberg. They owe Hollywood and the movie industry. Stalin, a communist, killed more Jews than Hitler, almost two to one. Have you seen any movies about Stalin’s role in the holocaust? There are none! The rich Jews have demonized Hitler and fascism. Why have they not done the same to Stalin and communism?

The Babylon Bee is a Newsletter with a humorous touch and I thought their mug was very good. I hope to share one of their articles soon but you have to subscribe to get it. David has it on his phone but I can’t get it to my email. If I do, I will share it.

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