Use Your Head


Have respect for the LORD–that will prove you are wise. Avoid evil–that will show that you have understanding.

~Job 28:28, NIRV


One bad apple spoils the whole barrel.

~Ben Franklin

Actually, fragments of the quote above date back as far as Geoffrey Chaucer (1343 – 25 October 1400) but Ben Franklin coined the words as you see them above. Some call it an idiom and others call it a proverb. Literally, one bad apple can spoil and entire barrel. When the apple begins to rot, it emits a chemical called ethylene which is a hydrocarbon gas that moves by air. The bad apple does not have to touch the other apples; it’s mere presence with infect every apple in the barrel.

Job was a sage, a wise man and he gives very good advice. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand or take his advice. A little common sense will do. Some people refer to common sense as horse sense. The horse is not the sharpest knife in the barn yard but like the elephant, the horse has a keen memory–they don’t forget. They respond to pleasure [reward] and pain much like humans. You may fool a horse once but it will be hard to do a second time.

Let me tell you where I am going with this: the recidivism rate for convicts is 76.6%. Simply stated, 76 out of 100 convicts will not be rehabilitated during their first sentence: they will go back to prison for a second time and in most case, a third and fourth. They are not using their horse sense. The percentages for drug rehab are even higher, some say 90%. Recently I was talking to a parent about her child who had just graduated from a drug rehab program. The parent was very concerned about the company her child was keeping. She told her child she needed a new set of friends. She asked me what I though. I said, “I am in complete agreement.” You can expect different results when you keep making the same mistakes over and over which is something that a horse would not do. Bad company corrupts good morals. Temptation cannot be avoided in all cases but we should never put our self in a position where we know we are going be tempted. That’s like sticking matches near an open container of gasoline. Jesus taught us to pray…“lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.”  Was it Dave Gardner who said, “I don’t have to be lead into temptation, I can find it myself.” Consider you weakness and do not underestimate the power of evil. Hang out with folks who attend worship regularly and would rather die than lead someone else into sin. If the folks you hang with are a big part of the temptation, drop them like a hot potato and find some new friends.

Josie Tate prayed the sinners prayer last night, hallelujah.  We now have three children awaiting baptism PTL. Got a call from Bro. John and Mrs. Joye yesterday: they loved Sunday. If it was not so far to drive, I think they would come back to Danville. Bro. John invited me to speak to their senior adults on June 20. I also got an invitation to speak at the Muscle Shoals Baptist Association on June 12. Got two bookings in one day. LORD willing I am going to Athens today. I have a couple of widow women there to check on.

June and I agree that Holly should have named Chloe Naola after my mother. The similarities are striking. Chloe always reads the room when she walks in: if June has bought something new or moved something around, Chloe will pick up on it. June got a new garbage can a few weeks back. She asked me if I noticed anything different and I said “No.” She had to show me the new garbage can but not so with the Chloe bug, she spotted it first thing. Chloe is also a hoarder: She hordes candy. Before she leaves our house, she stuffs her pockets or back pack with candy. I don’t think she is going to be a ball player. She made a dust angel last night while I held her glove. We were supposed to be playing left field.

My phone is messed up. June may get me a new one today. I can’t text. Strange. Our contract just expired and I also hit an upgrade button a couple of weeks back. I got an upgrade all right. I believe they know how to mess a phone up when they want you to get a new one but it is not going to work. We are going to straight talk because I hate contracts. I got a Galaxy for the pictures and mine never made good pictures. The bad thing about switching is all the data that is in my old phone.

Have a great day!

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