This was our 40th VBS at Danville. I think I had 7 prior to coming to DBC. Each year I do less and enjoy it more. This year I drove the van to pick up children, gave the kids tractor rides, helped the refreshment crew with the garbage and managed the gates. I have loved every minute. Any one could do what I do but I am thrilled to be the only one who wants these jobs. There is no competition for any of these jobs. Gerri Cole has worked 39 out of the 40 and she would have had 40 if the school had not planned a workshop during VBS. Sheila Segars has over 30. We have several who have worked 20 or more including some young folks like Mandy. Anyway, my QT has suffered this week. Most of the blogs were done last week and I flat ran out of time and energy last night. It looks like there is a chance I am going to get my hair dyed pink today. This thing has come down to the wire. The girls have an $8 lead. We sitting at a little over $1,600 at present but I am sure we will exceed the $2,000 mark. The offering goes to Guatemala. I think we are going to feed a village for a month.



The Kick is Up and Good

Another big VICTORY for JESUS.

Attendance Thursday June 7…224

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