What Is Your Worldview


The LORD reigns, let the earth rejoice.

~Psalms 97:1, NASB


The center of the universe is the throne of God. This is an unalterable fact.

~G. Campbell Morgan

Everyone has a world view, a perspective, a prism or lens which they view things through. I have a biblical worldview but many have a secular worldview and some a pragmatic or hedonistic world view. Jacob and Esau were twins; they had a lot of the same DNA but they had different worldviews. Jacob became a man of faith while Esau was a hedonist. Esau’s worldview was simple: give me a beer, a bow, a burger and a broad and I will eat drink and be merry for tomorrow I may die. Esau lived for the present, this world and nothing beyond. For those of us who have a biblical worldview, we base our perspective on scripture and the attributes of God. We begin with God’s sovereignty. God is in absolute control and He has no rivals. Yahweh is not a tribal god or a local deity: He is the God of creation and the absolute ruler of all. You and I can rejoice that He is in absolute control.

The second attribute that is foundational to our faith is His holiness. God is holy, He is a consuming fire. Just as you and I would have no life a part from God, we can have no holiness a part from God. The greatest evil in the world is human morality. When Martin Luther realized that salvation comes via the ‘righteousness of God,’ he was ecstatic. What a relief! He had tried desperately to establish his own righteousness and he discovered, like so many before and since, that human morality feeds our depraved sinful nature. Look what it did to Paul. It made him a mean little man who had no problem dragging women our of prayer meeting and throwing them in jail. He encouraged the murder of Stephen and he persecuted the church. He was not a good man. God is holy and this is why we desire to be holy but we cannot become like Him a part from GRACE. Only Christ can make us holy. Holiness is not the way to Christ: Christ is the way to holiness.

Everything gravitates around God’s sovereign rule. I personally, do not want the responsibility of managing a universe and I learned along time ago that I can’t carry the world on my shoulders. Everything works better when we understand that God is in control of everything. Those who acknowledge God’s sovereign GRACE and His holiness will someday share in His glory. Those who choose to worship lesser things will be brought to shame. It is amazing, Psalm 97 mentions the catastrophic changes that come due to a violent storms. Hurricane Irma is a drop in the bucket compared to God’s judgement which is coming.

  • Indians win 19 in a row. They will tie the Major League record if they win tonight.
  • Sunday was a busy day: not only did we preach three times, we attended two parties. I was so tired Sunday night that I forgot to mention Charlie Thompson 90th birthday party. It was huge. Our congrats to Charlie and to Suzzy, the Party Planner. Kane also had a party. No-mo-chemo! God is good and we praise Him for Kane’s health.
  • Irma got to Rockyford late yesterday evening: up till bed time, we had gentle but steady rain. The libs are after Rush Limbaugh. They are accusing him of saying Irma was fake news. What he actually said is they, the lame stream media, are using Irma to propagate their myth that they now call “Climate Change.” They don’t use “Global Warming” anymore because the globe is not warming. He was making fun of these morons who were insinuating that hurricanes are worst now due to “Climate Change.” In fact, Irma was not as bad as other hurricanes that have struck Florida. There have always been hurricanes and if they stop we are in deep trouble. North America would become a desert. Hurricanes move moisture from the equator to us.
  • Please pray for me: I am in revival September 24-27. The problem is…I need reviving myself and I need some time to study. I had to stop yesterday and put in a new bath room floor. Our commode was literally falling through the floor. It was bad. I had to replace a lot of lumber and I will be working on it again today but not because I want to. I had much rather study.

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