When The Wicked Rule


When a country is delivered into the power of the wicked, He blindfolds the eyes of the judges.

~Job 9:24, REB


The LORD is far from the wicked, but He hears the prayers of the righteous.


I don’t watch TV news ever: if you don’t believe this is true, asks my wife. I get my news from her or others. There are several reasons: [1] It is bad time management. I don’t have that much time left and I am not going to spend it watching the news. [2] The news is like a soap opera, same-old, same-old. It always anti-Christ and anti-Trump. It will only make me angry, so why watch. [3] The only people in the country who have less credibility than the media is congress. If I want propaganda, I will read Mein Kampf. The odds of you getting the truth from the media are slim to none: you have a better chance of winning the lottery. The truth doesn’t fit their agenda.

I pray for Mr. Trump everyday and Melania on most. I feel sorry for them because they live in a cesspool. Donald J. will throw it back in their face but I feel for her. She has too much class to put up with all the crap. Washington D.C. gives swamps a bad name. This place is infested with parasites, blood sucking politicians who have not worked a day in years. Practically all have two things in common: money and power. We not longer have poor congressmen. The parasites are entrenched and Trump is a threat to their way of life. If he gets his wishes and mine, these deadbeats will have to find a read job and go back to living the way the majority of American’s live–trust me, they don’t want to go back. I’m not just talking about the worthless baby-killing democrats. I’m talking about these liver–Lilly, namba-pamba, spineless republicans like Richard Shelby. Someone told me the other day, “Yes, but Shelby brings back the pork.” That is just the problem: “Pork barrel politics that helps the elites and those who will not work.” Pork doesn’t help tax payers. They get the pork from us. By using taxation, they make thievery legal. The Washington insiders, congressmen and bureaucrats don’t want Trump messing up their little money making scheme. Like those wicked Sadducee who ran the temple, they don’t want the house cleaned because they are making money hand over fist.

Let me tell you what one idiot democrat said last week: He said, “Trump is in the White House for the money.” The poor fool doesn’t know whats going on: Trump donates his salary to the veterans and his net worth has gone down, not up. Find me ONE Washington insider who is donating their money to Veterans.

One other thing: Trump may not look smart or sound smart but he is highly intelligent. June invited me into the kitchen yesterday to watch the opening ceremony of the Daytona 500 and I watched every minute. Not the race, the opening ceremony. I told June, he is outsmarting them all. While they are in Washington, hidden in their gated communities, with their body guards at the gate, he is out among middle America. He is with the hard working, tax-paying, sports loving middle class. Can you see Biden, Bernie, or Obama doing what he did? They look down on middle America: we are deplorable to them. Trump has enough money to hob-knob with the elites but he choose to spend time with common folks like us and you have to appreciate his willingness to do so.

Sorry I am late: another early morning Doctor’s appointment. Except for one trip to the dentist, I don’t go back to a doctor until August, LORD willing.

The Sunshine has been wonderful: it has been more help than anything to our septic problem. When I put my tank in at EASTERN GATE HEADQUARTERS, I did not seal around the pipes because it has never been a problem. All the pipe are at the top or on top; so generally, it is not a problem but when the water table gets higher then the pipes, your tank fills from the rain water. I hope we have her fixed and I want to thank Greg and Adam for their help.

By the way: I’ve been to two Hockey games–my first and last. It is as slow and monotonous as soccer; I’d as soon watch paint dry. I did love being with Josh and kids and I would have stayed for the final two quarters but my knee got to hurting. I didn’t have an isle seat and could not stretch my leg. If I were younger and could skate, I would like to play hockey. I think it would be the perfect place for me to vent my road rage. Just my luck, as soon as I left, a fight broke out. It was a dunny-brook, a free for all. I did here it on the radio.

Hope you have a great day and I’ll try to post earlier tomorrow.

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