When We See Jesus


As for me, I will be vindicated and will see your face; when I awake, I will be satisfied with seeing your likeness.

~Psalm 17:15, NIV


To gaze into the infinite beauty of Christ and to receive such infinite love will give us satisfaction that will last for all eternity.

~Timothy Keller

We live in a fallen world that is under a curse. There are a few who are headed in a Godly direction but the masses are going the way of the world. Among those in pursuit of worldly pleasures and treasures are the evil, the cruel, the violent. These are those who take what they want by force. Then you have your pretenders. They put up a good front but their hearts are callous and they are self-absorbed and self-seeking. These folks have no regard for God or His word. Unfortunately for us, the devil has strategically placed these people in high places. Washington D.C. is filled with these parasitic, self-seeking, self-absorbed individuals who have more compassion on a convicted killer than an innocent baby. These folks care more about retaining their power and position than they do the future of the Republic. They have not only infested D.C., they control the media [at least major outlets], the movie industry, TV, the courts and the class room [especially in higher education]. This morning I prayed David’s prayer, “LORD bring them down.” {Psalm 17:13} These parasites are destructive to our nation as a whole and to the moral fabric which has made us strong. Trump went to Washington to pull the plug and drain this infested swamp but these blood sucking leaches are so deeply embedded in the federal government that such a thing seems impossible and this is where you and I come in. We need an army of intercessors praying daily for our President and praying for the LORD to bring this self-seeking regime down. I’m not just talking about democrats, I’m talking about all who are more concerned with their “seat” than they are the system. Bring them down LORD. They have more power than we but they are not more powerful than you, bring them down.

Truth be known, the world would not be fixed if all the democrats and the liberal elitist were eradicated. Ultimately, our salvation is not in this world but in Christ. When He comes, He will make things right but until then, it is going to be a mess. In the meantime, we live with the hope that we will see Jesus and when we do, all anxiety and fear with be vanquished. Can you imagine, looking directly into the face of the One who created the universe. The thought reminds me of a poem:

Sometimes the day seems long, 
Our trials hard to bear. 
We are tempted to complain, 
to murmur and despair. 
But Christ will soon appear 
to catch his bride away! 
All tears forever over 
in God’s eternal day! 
At times the sky seems dark, 
with not a ray of light; 
We’re tossed and driven on, 
no human help in sight. 
But there is One in heaven, 
Who knows our deepest care; 
Let Jesus solve your problems, 
just go to him in prayer. 

Life’s day will soon be o’re, 
all storms forever past; 
We’ll cross the great divide 
to Glory, safe at last! 
We’ll share the joys of heaven: 
a harp, a home, a crown; 
The tempter will be banished, 
We’ll lay our burdens down.

It will be worth it all 
when we see Jesus! 
Life’s trials will seem so small 
when we see Christ. 
One glimpse of his dear face, 
all sorrow will erase. 
So, bravely run the race 
till we see Christ. 

I was sure that George Beverly Shea recorded “When We See Jesus,” but I was wrong. I was disappointed to discover that no major artist has recorded this song.
I don’t know if it is just me or what but it seems like there has been a rash of deaths lately. I attended three COLS last week and there are more. I’ve bumped into Margie more than once at Summerford’s and she told me that Tommy was not doing good but I thought I had more time. I had every intention of paying him a visit. This happens to me far too often.
Spencer gave me a good report on Terry Cole who is already up and walking. I have gotten behind on my visiting this week but hopefully we will be out and about in an hour or so. Lou Hayes will be moving to Falkville but I don’t know exactly when.
June is a weather bug and so she tells me last night, we have more bitter cold weather coming next week. I told her to keep that info to herself. I did just a little yesterday but the cold really bothers me much more than it use to.
God bless you and thank you for reading the blog. Have a great day and weekend.

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