Who Is In Charge?


“Why don’t you talk to me?” Pilate demanded. “Don’t you realize that I have the power to release you or crucify you?”

~John 19:10, NLT


I AM is in charge!


The quote is a pun, I am certainly not in charge but the great I AM is! Sink me, there are two puns in a row…the GREAT I AM IS! Enough of the puns, I probably have you totally confused. We live in disconcerting days. We Americans are accustom to stability–we are planners and long range planners. Our wives love to plan vacations and those of us who pastor churches like to plan things in advance. There is so much uncertainty in the air these days that it is practically impossible to plan anything. Unfortunately for us, the liberals are at the top of the food chain in both education and health. The dead wood floats to the top. Our response to the virus borders on insanity. The big wigs in health and education are not elected officials, they are bureaucrats who hate our president. It appears that we are in a mess and that things are out of control but actually, every thing is going according to plan, singular not plural. God has only one plan and it is being fulfilled. The DIVINE CONSPIRACY is that God has the ability to use evil to accomplish His purpose which is to bring all creation to the feet of Jesus. The big wigs think they are calling the shots just like Pilot and Caiaphas thought they were calling the shots, but in reality, God is in absolute control.

When it came to being pure evil, Pilot was a cub scout compared to Annas and Caiaphas. I have always felt sorry for Pilot because he got used and abused by the cruel and mean spirited Jews. When Pilot told Jesus he had the power to have Him crucified, Jesus said, “You would have no power over me at all if it did not fulfill My Father’s plan.” {JEV} Jesus went on to say, “The Jews who set you up by bringing me to you, have the greater sin.” Caiaphas thought he was running the show. Pilot thought he had the final say and both were wrong. The disciples thought everything was out of control and that their dream had died. They were all wrong. They all underestimated God’s ability to use evil to accomplish His purpose.

Nothing has changed! The Christ haters still think they are in charge but in reality their futile wrath, anger against God and His people, will bring God glory. {Psalm 76:10} How can God do this? How did He create the stars, name them and remember all their names? He is the INFINITE ONE and no finite mind is going to begin to comprehend the power He possesses. As Jeremiah said, “There is nothing too hard for Him.” So you look at this world and you see a mess but you are looking in the wrong direction. Look up and see who is on the throne. Do not look to the world for help; look to the scripture. Sure, there is a huge conflict between the world’s view and that of God’s word. Make a commitment to one or the other but don’t look in two different directions, it will lead to confusion. “You do not look to the world ever.” Don’t give the world the time of day. As long as you have your nose in the news paper, the TV, social media and these crazy preachers who talk more about Satan than Jesus, you thinking is going to be clouded and your doubts and fears will control you. Perhaps you are thinking: “Bro. Jack, you have your head in the clouds, what we see on TV is reality.” No my friend, what you see on TV is the world’s perception of reality which is exactly what the devil wants you to see. Perception and reality are two different things: you don’t believe me, ask Pilot or the disciples.

PTL for the wonderful rain. It is hard to get too much this time of year. Both corn patches look pretty good. The ground is prepared for Mandy’s Trunk-A-Trail pumpkin patch. Let’s hope I do better at raising pumpkins than I do tomatoes. I really miss Larry and Gary this time of year: those boys knew how to raise tomatoes. Thanks for reading the blog and I hope you have a great day.

Remember GRACE POINT family: we meet at 6:30 in the building tonight. Pray for Bill Smith who was moved to ICU this morning.

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