Who Needs A Doctor?


“Healthy people don’t need a doctor—sick people do.  I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners and need to repent.”

~Luke 6:31-32, NLT


Apart from linguistic difficulty, the greatest barrier I have met is the almost total absence form the minds of my audience of any sense of sin.

~C.S. Lewis

The first thing that astounds me about C.S. Lewis collection of essays on ethics was that he wrote this almost one hundred years ago. The golden Victorian age of England was in the rear view; England was in serious moral decline. Yet as I read Lewis essays, it is as if he is speaking about present day America. The parallel is remarkable. I am not a linguist and my English would be crude and offensive to an educated person in Great Britain. Yet Lewis speaks of English as a crude and common language. I think scholars prefer Latin. I know the Catholic Church preferred Latin and that is one reason that opposed the Bible being translated into English. It is my belief that the primary reason they opposed English translations was their fear of folks finding their practices were unscriptural. Lewis believed that communicating the gospel depended on our vernacular, our ability to use the right words and symbols. He also believed that some preacher are intentionally vague because they don’t know what they mean themselves.

The second problem and the big one is our sense of sin. There is no fear of God nor sense of sin. The Christian message, the Gospel, is wonderful news to those who are aware of their sickness because Christ promises us healing. The modern man has reversed the roles: we don’t kneel before Christ as the judge and seek the pardon He offers because we don’t think we need a pardon. This is how the collection of essays got its name: GOD IN THE DOCK. The dock was the chamber in the English courtroom where the defendant sat. We moderns have put God on trail: does He have a reasonable defense for allowing suffering, pain, poverty, war, disease and abuse? We have lost sight of the fact that it is we who are on trail and if we don’t repent, we will be found guilty. Actually, we are already guilty and if we don’t repent, we will experience God’s wrath.

If you have watched the Chosen, you see this arrogant attitude exhibited in the Jewish religious leaders. Jesus was refreshing and wonderful news to sinners, but the the Jewish religious establishment had no use for Him. Sinners will love the CHOSEN, but those who deny their sin will snub it.


My good friend Debbie Gilliland was promoted yesterday morning about 3:30 am. I talked to Debbie about three weeks ago: she was ready to go. Pray for her husband Jimmy. He is having a hard time. You may know her brother Charlie Wilburn.

I praise the LORD for a great day yesterday. THANK YOU JESUS!

Finished John Harris book SOCIAL JUSTICE GOES TO CHURCH. Most compelling book I have read in years. I could not put it down. Don’t trust Tim Keller on anything. He is Dutch Reform, extremely woke, he believes in science rather than the biblical view of creation. He believes that the ethical side of Marxism has some good qualities. I wasn’t aware that Marx had an ethical side. He was heavily influence by Liberation Theology. He is in the Marxism thing up to his neck. Yeah, he sounds good on the surface. He is a slick communicator but he is not what he appears to be.

None of the Woke Community is Pro-life. They think nationalism is a corporate sin and so is capitalism. They live and breath social justice but it does not include the right to life for the unborn. Their focus is on race, feminism, gay rights and the poor. They believe the utopia they seek can only happen when the state mandates the redistribution of wealth. This is where the Marxism comes in. They misinterpret the story of the rich young ruler to mean every believer should sell what he has and give it to the poor, otherwise, he or she is not really a disciple. Of course none of them do this themselves. Mark Hatfield is worth millions and he keeps the truth of his wealth hidden. Keller is also a millionaire. What blatant hypocrisy. Zaccheus was rich and he gave a great deal of his wealth to the poor but not all. Look at the house Keller and Platt live in and then look at the one I live in. Tell me who is identifying with the poor. It is not them. Platt moved from a million dollar home to one that cost a half million. Wow, what a sacrifice! Keller, Platt, Russel Moore are all in the book and yes, a lot of this crap comes out of Southern Seminary. It is not an edifying read. You will want to take a good shower after reading it. It will literally make you sick. They have changed all the definitions. Jesus didn’t come to save sinners; he came to liberate the oppressed {the poor, minorities, gays, lesbians, refugees, etc.} They interpret the Bible in light of modern culture. Bologna, modern culture is going to hell. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Heaven is not here and no amount of liberal hogwash can transform this sin cursed planet into heaven.

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