Wisdom’s Warehouse


“But do people know where to find wisdom? Where can they find understanding?

~Job 28:20, NLT


True wisdom refuses all trite answers which suggest either we know it all or that we can know nothing at all [cynicism].


Since this coronavirus thing got started, I’ve had and heard more questions, many more than answers. At times I want to call a time out and say, “Does anyone know what is going on and if you do, would you PLEASE inform me.” I don’t think I’ve ever felt so ignorant as in these recent days. What the heck is going on? So I begin this blog with the admission that I don’t know a lot but there are some things that I do know. [1] The media cannot be trusted. If you take my advice, you will not waste your time listening to the talking heads who do not know their back side from a hole in the ground. They are bigoted hate mongers who would not know the truth if it bit them on the neck. They hate Trump, free enterprise, guns, freedom, Christians and the bible. Of course their hate for Jesus is at the top of the list so why should we trust them? [2] The second thing I know is that no one, no human, understands completely what is going on. Job said, and I do quote…Wisdom is hidden from the eyes of all humanity. No one can see this thing from start to finish. No one can tell us exactly where this thing is going to take us. [3] The third thing I know is that God knows, He knows it all. Job said, God understands the way to wisdom and He alone knows where it dwells, for He views the ends of the earth and sees everything under the heavens

So amidst this crisis of a sort, we earthlings are like a blind man bumping into furniture but once again our present condition illustrates the truth about the human race: there are two kinds of people–those who live by faith and can walk in the darkness because they are lead by the invisible hand and those who are terrified with the darkness and are trying to create their own light. Good luck with that! My advice to you is the same as Isaiah’s advice to the exiles–Look up! Don’t look in or look out, you will get depressed: just keep looking up, your redemption is coming soon.

Day one of the 15 day shut-down is in the books. I am banned from the hospitals and the nursing homes. I have not left the estate here at 1120 since the ban began. I am setting here in the EASTERN GATE headquarters looking out at the rain. Maybe I will get some rest or perhaps get a Digest out. I hope you have a great day and a great week.

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