Worship And Obedience


O that today you would listen to His voiceDo not harden your hearts, as at Meribah {strife}, as on the day at Massah {testing} in the wilderness, when your ancestors tested Me, and put me to the proof, though they had seen My work. 
~Psalm 95:7-9, NRSV


It is a dangerous sin to ask for the gifts and then disrespect the Giver.
~Warren Bailey
Psalm 95 is primarily about worship. Our worship should be celebrative, exuberant, and enthusiastic. I admire the way the ancient Israelites worshiped and especially the way they shouted. Their shouts for the most part were in unison as a part of their praise service. There is nothing wrong with an orchestrated shout in worship. Donnie Browning taught us how to do it some years ago but we quickly forgot. Some of us can sing but all of us can shout. We should praise God because He deserves it. His infinite greatness demands are praise and adoration. But there is more to worship than praise, more than lifting the hands or shouting. Yes, it is wonderful that God hears our voice but we also need to hear His voice. Hearing and obeying His word is vital to worship.

The Israelites had a problem from day one: they were hardheaded and obstinate people. A huge part of worship is submission to God’s will and obedience to His word [voice]. Our perpetual disobedience hinders our worship. We want God’s blessings; we want His benefits but we don’t want to commit ourselves to obey His word. The Israelites ask for the bread [Manna], they complained about the lack of water, they asked for the meat and they accepted God’s gifts but they refused to obey His voice at Kadesh Barnea. This is the same generation that witnessed God’s miraculous deliverance in Egypt. They saw what God did to Pharaoh and praised Him for it. It is right and fitting to praise God in worship, to come before Him and bow down but He expects more than ritual, He expects us to listen to His voice and obey His word. When did God last speak to you in worship? Eventually, He will stop speaking to those who refuse to obey. Is this what you want?

What Israel did at Kadesh was foolish, they disrespected the very One who had saved them from bondage and feed and cared for them in the wilderness. Their disobedience came with a high price; they were sentenced to wander in the wilderness for the rest of their life. They lived without purpose: drawing a breath and a pay check– just waiting to die. They tempted Him one time too many. God is a jealous God, a consuming fire and it is never wise to put Him to the test. As C.S. Lewis says about Aslan, “He is not a tame Lion.” I‘m very afraid we forget this fact.


  • We are watching the weather channel: it is not looking good for Florida and may be hard on Georgia, SC and NC. I praying for this one to turn east and head back out into the Atlantic.
  • The cool nights has slowed the growth of the grass, PTL. I have been cutting nine yards this Summer but that has been cut to seven. Some one is moving in Mrs. Edwards old house and Tracey’s mom house sold.
  • I congratulated Stacey Blackwood Sunday and now I hear that Jarod and Kim are getting a boy. Congratulations all.
  • I may have mentioned this yesterday. While I was visiting with Barbara and Thomas Thursday in Birmingham, I decided to see if there was a SAMS in the area so that I did not have to make a trip all the way to Huntsville. After visiting Bro. Ray in Trussville, I googled and found one just three miles from his house and it was huge, much bigger than the one in Huntsville.
  • INDIANS win 16 in a row, go for 17 today.

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