Honesty Pleases God



The LORD hates it when people use scales to cheat others. But he is delighted when people use honest weights.

~Proverbs 11:1, NIrV


“No legacy is as rich as honesty.”

~William Shakespeare


Bro. Jack at ChristmasSubtle forms of deception are acceptable in the corporate world which is why I despise dealing with them. Salemen are trained to decieve. After June got run over by the city of Hartselle in the Lexus, we had to have it completely rebuild and the mechanic told June, “You need to get rid of that car. The electronic system is very complicated and I don’t trust it.” June told me what he said as soon as I walked in the door. I gave it some thought and then I said, “We can’t do that: we can’t sell a car knowing that it may crash at any moment.” So we kept the car and I had June purchase some AAA insurance in case it quit on me while I was in Birmingham or Memphis. However, that little spark of doubt bothered me, especially when others were riding with me so we decided to get one newer vehicle for traveling. I didn’t want a new vehicle but I did want one with low milage so I went to a friend {works in parts} at the Nissan dealership. I told him my needs and told him I did not trust car salesmen. He laughed and said, “Let me take you to a man who is not a salesmen.” He did and later I discovered it was the general manager. Long story short, we bought his demo, a 4 wheel drive Nissan Frontier. We were not looking for a 4 wheel drive but we did want a demo. I ask him, “My only fear of the 4 wheel drive is the gas milage, does it get good milage?” “I think so,” he said, “I drive it to the gulf coast without stopping for gas.”

It just so happened our first trip was to the Gulf Coast {Stedman and Jen’s wedding}. Guess what, it will not make it to the Gulf on a tank of gas, we filled up five times on the trip there and back. It gets about 15 miles per gallon. You can literally watch the gas hand move. We are not angry or bitter about the deception. Matter of fact, we have laughed about it several times. Perhaps they moved the Gulf Coast since he went there last or perhaps he wasn’t totally honest? It is simply how the corporate world operates and they see absolutely nothing wrong with their methods. The scripture does say otherwise, “The LORD hates it when we cheat and decieve others.” If we profit at the expense of another by the use of deception, it is wrong and we will be held accountable. I’ve even heard professing Christians brag about beating a person in some transaction. Taking advantage of another person is nothing to brag about. We can bring delight to God by being honest with others even if it cost us personally to do so. Honesty is an expensive gift that cheap people cannot afford.


  • Praise the LORD for a record crowd last night at the GATHERING and four additions and two professions of faith in Youth Worship. Terry came to me after the service with the count and both of us were shocked. Then Joe David came in and told us about the POF’s. Hallelujah! The transition must have folks excited because last Sunday and last night the attendance was up, big time.  We had more last Sunday than we have had since Easter. If it takes me retiring to get folks excited, glory to God, amen.
  • I’m not much on current events but last night I was searching for the weather channel and I happened upon FOX News and they had their cameras in Charlotte, NC where BLM is protesting the shooting of a thug. Rudi Giuliani called Obama out. He hammered him for his pitiful lack of leadership and his none support of the Policemen of America. Then I was reading in Proverbs this morning, “Without guidance {Leadership} a nation falls.” Obama is a miserable failure and Hillary could be even worse if that is possible. BLACK LIVES MATTER is a joke. What a bunch of crock. Black babies don’t matter, black policemen don’t matter, Obama’s black brother in Africa doesn’t matter. BLM is an orchestrated plot by progressives to create racial and civil unrest. It is funded by the ACLU {Jewish Communist} and other democratic entities. To put it simply, way back in the shadows of BLM stands Obama and Hillary. This is why Obama will not speak out against BLM and their plot to assassinate and undermine policemen. The only thing I know more pathethic than our president is the folks who support him.
  • TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF FALL–Hallelujah, could not come at a better time. I got so depressed yesterday after looking at the 10 day forecast that I found a 15 day forecast and it is supposed to cool down next Tuesday. The nights have already cooled but next Tuesday the high is in the 70’s instead of the 90’s. I don’t have any good news on the rain. We have two storms in the Alantic but according to Jen on the weather channel, they are not going to generate any moisture.
  • SHOCKING REPORT– Mandy completed our year in report yesterday and I was shocked by several things but especially membership. We have 788 members. Wouldn’t it be great if all of them showed up Sunday. Where would they park? Where would they sit? We have one very interesting story about church membership. Some 38 plus years ago a teenage girl was saved here and became a member of DBC. A few years back she got involved in a Bible Study at one of our member’s home and for the past two years or more has faithfully attended DBC. As we sought to get to know her and her husband better, she informed us that she was already a member and she is right. Mandy and I went into storage and dug out the old records and her name was there. She and her husband are wonderful people and we celebrate their return home.
  • SUNDAY SCHEDULE: Sunday is a huge day for DBC and the Bailey family. We have been rather anxious at times about this decision but I’ve had more peace about it this week than at any time before. I do continue to pray for the LORD’s will to be done.
    • Breakfast {Coffee, biscuits and donuts} @ 9:00.
    • Deacons and wives meet in the sanctuary @ 9:10: we are shooting for 100% attendance. It will be a prayer huddle with Joe David and his family in the center.
    • BUSINESS MEETING following worship
    • Visitation @ 5:30
    • AWANA @ 5:30

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