A Timely Word


A person finds joy in giving an apt reply—and how good is a timely word!

~Proverbs 15:23, NIV


A careless word may kindle strife; a cruel word can wreck a life; a timely word can level stress and a loving word can heal and bless.


I heard someone say, “Better choose your words carefully, you many have to eat them later.” I am reading Timothy Keller’s devotional on Proverbs and for the last week or so he had been dealing with the use of words. I want you to understand a lot of the thoughts in this blog are his and not mine: I am not a good example when it comes to a timely word. I woke up this morning thinking about a friend. I was in a quandary; should I text him, call him or just pray for him. I decided to pray for him. There are situations when nearly any word we speak will only make matters worse. Sometimes it is wise not to speak at all, just pray. When you meet a grief stricken or broken hearted person, words should be used sparingly. No deeply hurting person needs to hear the wisdom of a know-it-all. Sometimes we have to earn the right to speak. When we speak too much too son; we can do irreparable damage. Plus we don’t need to say things we don’t mean. The greatest pitfall in communicating with a hurting person is to assume you know exactly what is going on in that person’s life. Assumption and presumption can get us in trouble. After 51 years in the ministry, I can tell you–things are seldom the way they appear. Be careful about jumping to conclusions because chances are–you will land on a lie.

I have to confess, I am far too impetuous; I not only speak too quickly, I generally say too much. I think I hurt my sisters feeling Saturday evening. I was joking with her of course but she didn’t think it was funny. I think I just enjoy pulling her chain and of course that is not a timely word well spoken. Solomon said, “Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinion.” He also said, “To answer before listening is folly.” I am convicted by all these proverbs.

For GP members: We praise the LORD for Sheryl Childers suscessful surgery. She is in CRMC and had another follow up surgery on Wednesday. Continue to pray for Bill Smith and Family. Also pray for Josh and his grandparents. Josh has some back issues and his GP’s have the virus.

The world is going nuts. Jefferson County issued an order last week that everyone has to wear a mask and I just chuckled and thought, “Thank God we live in North Alabama and that will not happen here.” Beginning today at 5:00 pm you have to wear a mask in Huntsville or it may be Madison County, I am not sure. It is second hand news. I will not be going to Huntsville unless I have to. The left is not going to let go: they will stir the panic and fear right up to November 3. If Biden is elected, the virus will be over. Did I not tell you that they would go after July 4th celebrations next. Colin Kappernick, the ingrate calls it a celebration of white supremacy. Kappernick is a stooge; a misguided dunce.

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