A World Enslaved


“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

~John 8:32, CEV


For over 200 years the Western world has tried to make secularized human nature and intellect, free of any dependence upon Jesus and His teachings.

~Dallas Willard

Friedrich Nietzsche is often accused of being an atheist but I don’t think he was an unbeliever in the true sense of the word. He has a lot of good quotes and he was more critical of the church than Christ. Matter of fact, he warned us that the world was moving away from the teachings of Christ due to the influence of secular humanism. When secular humanism embraced Christianity, it produced a weak and anemic form of Christianity that denies Christ divine power and spurned His teachings: its a Christianity without a cross. Of course it is nothing more than another religion. A religion can thrive without the existence of Christ. Christianity, in the true sense, is totally dependent on Jesus. He is the Architect, the Founder, the Foundation, the Head and the life of the church. The church is His bride, bought and paid for by His blood. He is the reason for out existence. I don’t know about you but I am sick of secular humanism. It has invaded our classrooms, our courts, our congress, and most certainly the media. I turned on the 770 am yesterday to listened to a little Rush but when they did a news break…they began bashing TRUMP. I turned the station: I am sick of it this witch hunt. When I turned the station, I heard an ad…FEED THE CHILDREN DOT GOV…or something. This is the basic message of the ad…One in five children in American goes to bed hungry. I know you are dying to know why this upset me. First of all, let me say, the numbers are probably right but what burns me up is that they do not tell the truth about why one in five kids are hungry. Let me tell you what they refuse to tell you.

One is five children are hungry because of the drug epidemic. They are not hungry because there are no jobs for their sorry parents. Their parents are strung out on drugs and they spend every dime they get on more drugs. Children are hungry because of SIN. Using drugs is destructive and therefore sinful. Do you think we will ever hear them admit the truth? Why doesn’t the ad read...”One in five children in America go to bed hungry because their parents are addicted to drugs.” The ad appeals to our emotions and they are soliciting money but they are being dishonest about the cause. Putting a band-aid on an infected sore does not solve the problem; matter of fact, it makes the problem worse. We have an infection, it is called SIN, and money is not going to fix it. Why don’t we get to the heart of the problem and call sin a sin and crack down on it. We need to treat the infection and stop trying to cover the symptom.

There is a huge difference between Jesus and secular humanism. Jesus tells the TRUTH: HE is the TRUTH. Secular humanism is a house of cards built on lies, one lie right after another. You are not going to get the truth from the world of secular humanism. Everything they do is based on deceit: they would not recognize the truth if it bit them on the neck. Secondly, Jesus went straight to the heart of the matter which is SIN. The Pharisees had an external righteousness: a righteousness for show. Respect and reputation were two of their core values. They had the fraudulent Eastern mind set, “It OK as long as no one sees me, as long as I don’t get caught.” They were full of greed, lust and exuding with contempt for others but on the outside, they were squeaky clean. Jesus called them out: He called them hypocrites or pretenders. If you have sin in your heart and you don’t want to do anything about it, you better avoid Dr. Jesus because the first place He will look is your heart. Secular humanism is so superficial, so hypocritical that it makes me sick to my stomach.

I may not live to see it but Jesus is coming back to this earth and He is going to set things right. The only sin to a secular humanist is to call sin a sin but when Jesus comes, sin will be dealt with. He is going to take care of the problem which is sin, not deplorable white men and not TRUMP. If the left was smart, which they are not, they would be concerned about the LION of JUDAH rather than the man in the oval office.

Senior Adult Fish Fry today at 11:00. No GOLDEN GIRLS tomorrow. I worked hard yesterday and I have to rise early so not much extra. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading the blog.


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