Adonijah and Abishag


How can you possibly ask me to give Abishag to Adonijah?” King Solomon demanded. “You might as well ask me to give him the kingdom! You know that he is my older brother, and that he has Abiathar the priest and Joab son of Zeruiah on his side.”

~I Kings 2:22, NLT


Ambition is avarice wearing a mask.

~Walter Savage Landor

The bible is an amazing book that contains practically everything including intrigue. The story of Adonijah and Abishag has always aroused my curiosity. It is a fascinating story of great interest. My first question has to do with Adonijah; why couldn’t he let well enough alone. He had youth [middle 30’s], good looks and his own trust fund. He must have been blinded by his ambition for surely he knew that Bathsheba would be calling the shots and there was no way she was not going to insist that Solomon be the next king. I would have taken my credit cards and retired on a Greek island in the Mediterranean sea. My instincts tell me it is better to be a live prince than a dead want-to-be king. My second question: why did his request cause Solomon to go ballistic?  According to Kiel and Delitzsch, very conservation O.T. scholars, technically Abishag had been only David’s nurse, but in the eyes of the people she passed as his concubine; and among the Israelites, just as with the ancient Persians, taking possession of the harem of a deceased king was equivalent to establishment of the claim to the throne (see at 2 Sam. 12: 8 and 2 Sam. 3:7,8). So, most scholars agree that Adonijah is making a subtle play for the throne. Outwardly he had conceded the throne but inwardly he was still conspiring to take it. Third question: Was Bathsheba an innocent pawn, did she not understand what Adonijah was attempting to do? Some think she had a moment of weakness or was just a little stupid but I do not agree. Bathsheba did not want Adonijah to live; she feared he would be a threat to her son and she only pretended to be dumb because she knew exactly how Solomon would respond. Men who think women are stupid are stupid for thinking women are stupid. Men tend to shot from the hip, we react: women calculate, they plan and they can connive. Bathsheba is not stupid: she got a king in her bed and his seed in her body–don’t tell me she didn’t know what she was doing. If her son was king, what did that make her? The Queen mother, the most powerful female in the country. So I’m not buying the idea that Bathsheba was so dumb that Adonijah was able to play her. He was dumb for thinking she was stupid.

I just think it is an intriguing story that raises lots of question that we want have solid answers to in this life time. I think it is worthy of note that David did not kill his six brothers to establish his throne. David believed that the LORD put him on the throne and he was secure in the will of God. I think he wanted what God wanted. Insecurity can rob us of peace and happiness which was something Solomon never got a handle on. Killing all your rivals will not secure your happiness. I also believe that blind ambition is dangerous so be careful what you want. I don’t think Adonijah was seeking God’s will, I think he was pursuing his own and that always leads to trouble. If you want true happiness, die to self and seek God’s will. If He wants you to be king, you will be king. Adonijah kept going back for a bigger hammer, he was determined to make it happen and he got himself killed. Your way is not the best way: God’s will is much better than your way. It is the season to be thankful and I am thankful that I’m not a king nor were my brothers, amen! I am thankful to be God’s servant. I had rather carry out the garbage and be in God’s will than to sit on a throne of my own doing.

  • I actually wrote the above blog a month ago but didn’t use it and then yesterday I got busy and did not get done so thankfully I had one in the archives. I hope the NOW bunch don’t read it. It would surely be offensive. Meg told me last night that the libs are complaining about Dean Martin’s Christmas Song, “Baby It Is Cold Out Side.” Unbelievable! I’m sure he didn’t have a NOW member in mind or he would have sent her out into the cold.
  • Senior Adult Christmas Party today at DBC. Lord willing, I will be frying apple pies.
  • I am so far behind, I don’t know where to start and the weather forecast is not good for outside work. There is no reasonably warm day in sight and I think we are going to have four days of rain.

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